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KL 5000 robot linear axis

The KL 5000 linear axis is an external axis with an optional intelligent lubrication system to simplify maintenance. With the KUKA Lubricate Kit, the rack and the track are automatically lubricated during production.

High payloads with the KL 5000

The KL 5000 linear unit is used for handling of heavy payloads up to 5 000 kg. Robots with a payload of 800 kg and reaches of almost 4 000 mm can be mounted on this axis. 

Up to four robots can be moved on the carriages via the configurable linear axis, which is up to 31 meters long. In the case of the Flex variant, even third-party robots can be mounted on the axis.

Assembly of a traversing axis with the KL 5000

  • Booster frame

    • Width for KR QUANTEC: 200 – 1 400 mm
    • Width for KR FORTEC: 250 mm or 500 mm
  • E-Chain

    (power supply, peripheral connection, robot connecting cable)

    •  Internal or external routing of the chain over the entire length of the linear unit
    • New chain type available for significantly easier maintenance
  • Carriage

    • Drill points suitable for KR QUANTEC with up to 300 kg payload and for KR FORTEC with up to 800 kg payload
    • Flex variant for robots from other manufacturers
    • Max. 4 carriages
    • Carriage width 1200 mm
    • KUKA Lubricate Kit: optional integrated hardware for automatic lubrication of the rack and track at corner points of the carriage
  • Segments

    • Units of 1.5 or 2 m in length allow for flexible assembly (lengthening or shortening) of the axis at any time 
    • Minimum distance traveled 0.3 m, minimum lift height 300 mm
    • Maximum length of the linear axis: 31 m, longer also possible upon project request
    • Longer linear units possible on request
  • Software component

    • Recording of all data on distances, operating times, etc.
    • Information display for history/overview: Overview of running capacity & operating time
    • Information display for manual maintenance: Overview of pending/upcoming maintenance tasks
    • Information display for lubricant: Lubricant consumption, fill quantity, etc.

Many simple advantages with the KL 5000 traversing axis

The KL 5000 makes it easier to connect different manufacturing units in production. Simple – because it is even better, stronger and more flexible than before. 
  • Easy to integrate

    • Standard length up to 31 m; longer linear units available on request
    • Lengthening or shortening through variable base elements
    • Floating mounting bases for expansion joints
    • Cable carrier mounted internally or externally over the entire length
  • Simple – Flexible

    • One robust linear axis for up to four robots
    • Carriages for the KR QUANTEC, KR FORTEC & KR FORTEC ultra
    • Flex variant for third-party robots
    • Optional lubrication systems
    • Internal or external energy supply
  • Easily maintained

    • Low maintenance requirements
    • No disassembly of the industrial robots necessary
    • Easy replacement of motor and gear units
    • Clearly structured maintenance manual
  • Simple – Comfortable

    • Automatic lubrication of the rack and the track
    • Distance counter for concrete travel times of the linear unit
    • Overview of distances directly in the smartPAD and on the laptop
    • Mounting of axes by screwing instead of welding

Running smoothly – the new lubrication systems with automatic data acquisition

With KUKA.Lubricate, a software is available for the KL 5000 linear axis. It automatically records and evaluates the distances and operating times.

With the KUKA Lubricate Kit, it even goes a step further: lubrication is no longer applied manually to the track, but rather triggered by the software as needed. The linear axis is equipped with pumps that perform the automatic lubrication of the rack and the track via the four corner points of the carriage while the robots continue in operation. The amount of lubrication is calculated by the software based on the distances traveled. 

Technical data: The KL 5000 supplements the KL 4000


KL 5000 KL 4000
Payload Up to 5 000 kg Up to 4 000 kg
Number of axes 1 1
Repeatability ± 0.02 mm ± 0.02 mm
Installation positions Floor Floor, ceiling
Velocity 1.89 m/s
1.89 m/s
Protection rating IP 65 IP 65
Carriage details Width: 1 200 mm / travel: 300 mm Width: 1 100 mm / travel: 400 mm
Attachment of cable carrier External & internal over the entire length External & internal up to 8.4 m

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