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Medical robotics for high payloads

Patient positioning, tumor irradiation with pinpoint accuracy or X-rays: robots with high payload capacities of 50 to 300 kilograms are ideal for heavy-duty medical applications and medical products.

Cornerstones of medical robotics – Medical robotics isn’t just for lightweight robots

KUKA robots with high payload capacities were used for medical technology applications for the first time at the turn of the millennium. To this day, robots with payload capacities of up to 300 kilograms are a mainstay of medical robotics. The distinction is made between two different systems:

  • Medical robotics systems that carry patients are referred to as man-carrying systems. These are used, for example, as patient positioners for particle therapy or as therapeutic robots for robotic hippotherapy.

  • The Siemens ARTIS pheno is one of the systems that move heavy medical equipment. It moves an X-ray C-arm around the patient, thereby permitting the generation of CT-style 3D images directly in the operating room. The CyberKnife system from Accuray also involves manipulation of a heavy X-ray gun which the robot directs precisely at the tumor. When the optional patient operating table is used, the system combines the CyberKnife with a system bearing the weight of patient. Another system is the patient positioner for particle-based radiation therapy by BEC.

KUKA robots in radiation therapy

The exacure system from BEC makes use of the KR QUANTEC to position the patient precisely and flexibly at the MedAustron Center for Ion Therapy.

The KUKA KR QUANTEC series is one of series of robots that provide the basis for these medical applications. Their robot arm and high stiffness are tailor-made for tasks requiring the utmost precision. Their robust design also minimizes maintenance costs and servicing requirements. Their numerous potential installation positions and comprehensive features provide a high degree of flexibility with regard to integration in a wide range of medical applications.