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Assembly and test systems for the powertrain

KUKA Assembly & Test in Bremen supplies assembly systems and test equipment worldwide. With over 400 employees, we develop, plan, design and manufacture systems and automation equipment for the efficient assembly of series products such as engines, cylinder heads, transmissions, axles, brakes and steering systems as well as the corresponding inspection and test equipment.

The powertrain – The heart of the car

The powertrain is associated with unbridled power that is optimally transferred to the road, bringing a unique propulsion to life. It is always made up of many components that generate and transmit torque from the engine to the drive axle in the vehicle.

The mobility sector is currently undergoing significant changes: the classic combustion engine will be replaced by electrification in the next few years. The future belongs to electromobility.

Currently, our streets feature three different drive types

The hybrid drive

As a combination of two different energy sources – a conventional gasoline engine and an electric motor, both drives are combined into one efficient system and can switch automatically while driving.

The classic internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel engine)

A conventional powertrain consisting of an engine with flywheel, a clutch with gearbox, wheels and, depending on the version, various differentials, drive shafts and propshafts.

The electric vehicle

Features a greatly reduced, more efficient powertrain by eliminating parts such as the clutch and manual transmission. It includes a battery, an electric motor, power electronics and cooling systems or temperature management.

Passion is our drive

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of automation solutions, we are masters in designing flexible and efficient assembly systems and test systems. We always have our finger on the pulse and develop customized state-of-the-art automation concepts tailored to your requirements and needs. Our many years of experience and extensive expertise make us a specialist for assembly and test solutions for all powertrain components – regardless of whether they are classic internal combustion engines, hybrids, electric or hydrogen drives. In addition to development, our service portfolio includes the planning, design and manufacture of robot-assisted and digitalized automation solutions for the efficient assembly of series products, such as engines, cylinder heads, transmissions, axles, brakes and steering systems, as well as the corresponding inspection and test equipment. Supplemented by services such as process planning, simultaneous engineering, customer training and after-sales service, KUKA is your full-service provider.

Electromobility will replace the internal combustion engine in a much shorter time than planned. Developing new vehicle and drive concepts in such a short time and producing them on an industrial scale is a Herculean task. We are very pleased to support our customers in this respect with state-of-the-art assembly and test systems for electric drives.

Timo Heil, CEO | Vice President of KUKA Assembly & Test EMEA

Everything from a single source: We are driving automation forward

Assembly: From the idea to series production

Fast and economically efficient assembly, top quality and perfection are our goal. We leverage our systems to develop, design, optimize, qualify, manufacture and assemble forward-looking solutions. Our specialized knowledge and high level of vertical integration allow us maximum flexibility.

Engine assembly is one of our specialties: our portfolio includes individual machines for valve clearance adjustment, assembly lines for cylinder heads or engine blocks, through to complete line systems for all engine components.

We develop and manufacture assembly lines for the production of:

  • Internal combustion engines, such as gasoline or diesel engines (from pre-assemblies to finished engines)
  • Electric drives (also with integrated EOL and/or test bay)

  • Electric drive units (EDU), such as rotors etc (pre-assemblies)

  • As well as drives using synthetic fuels and hydrogen


Process expertise in engine and cylinder head assembly

Benefit from our decades of expertise in mechanical and systems engineering and jointly develop the optimal production system for your product and your individual requirements together with us. To achieve this, we use tested and proven processes and innovative technologies. We offer customized automation solutions from industrial robots to complete production lines – all from a single source. From the pre-series to series production, we configure, modular, turnkey production systems available worldwide – tailored to any level of automation and cycle time.

We implement flexible and scalable manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly systems for your production.

Our technology portfolio

We accompany you and your products from the development phase to production in order to turn perfectly coordinated automation solutions into reality.

  • Flexible hardware interface

    Digital and analog, e.g. I/Os, CAN bus, Flexray, Profinet, etc.

  • Measuring technology

    High-precision static and dynamic measuring systems

  • Joining technology

    Force/travel monitored servohydraulic and pneumohydraulic joining systems

  • Conveyor system

    Automatic component feeding systems for small load carriers (SLCs), bulk goods, etc.

  • Dispensing technology

    Automatic systems for sealants and adhesives

  • Quality control

    Camera systems, scanners, sensors (contact/optical) and databases

  • Handling

    Pneumatic and electrical axis systems and multi-axis systems/robot systems

  • Screw technology

    Single or multiple spindles and automatic screw feeding system

Transmission and axle assembly

We are well-versed in the assembly of transmissions and axles for cars and trucks.

Numerous automakers around the world are already producing a variety of drive trains on our assembly lines.


We develop and manufacture assembly lines for the production of:

  • Manual and automatic gearboxes, continuously variable transmissions, dual clutch transmissions and differentials
  • Hybrid transmission (MHEV, PHEV)

  • Front and rear axles including automatic wheel alignment and camber setting

  • Wheel carriers

  • Brakes


We can implement a customized assembly system for you too, with which you can manufacture your products more efficiently.

Assembly line for engine blocks

Linking systems

The manner of linking the individual assembly systems can be as varied as your product.

We develop a wide variety of linking systems for:

  • Conventional, driven transport systems including workpiece carriers

  • Rail-guided transport systems including intelligent and self-propelled workpiece carriers: these have an ergonomic design and enable a working position that can be individually adapted to the employees

  • Intelligent automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS)

  • Innovative robot-based linking solutions

Test systems for engines, transmissions and electric mobility

With our test systems and our specially developed testing software, we ensure that your assembled unit functions perfectly. We design and implement the necessary test and measuring equipment in order to check your engines and transmissions with complex analyses.

We develop and manufacture test systems for a wide variety of fields:
  • Cold and hot tests
  • Leak tests
  • Functional monitoring of the oil system
  • Torque and noise measurement
  • Combined end-of-line test systems
  • End-of-line and/or test bay for electric drives
  • BOL and EOL test for batteries
  • BOL and EOL test for fuel cells
These are just some of our solutions for determining the optimum quality of your assembled units and components.

Current changes relating to the acute shortage of skilled workers as well as continuous further development of the electrified powertrain are forcing a rethink in the automotive industry. A high level of automation will be part of the solution. As an automation specialist with decades of experience, we create innovative solutions that combine market-specific know-how with unique technology and development expertise.

Jan-Christoph Bruhn, Head of Sales | Key Account Management

State-of-the-art test bench solutions

Mobility is being reexamined and requires a rethink and reorientation of both the automotive industry and its suppliers. The technological changes resulting from electrification will thus also affect the mechanical and systems engineering sector, which is an important supplier to the automotive industry. The impact on the dominant manufacturing processes for conventional drives is immense.

Innovative and sophisticated vehicle components require intelligent test systems and cutting-edge technology

Inspection and test systems for the development and manufacture of electrical components in the powertrain are vital in vehicle development. They are an important element for ensuring vehicle quality and safety. Particularly when it comes to the required leaps in efficiency that are expected of cars and commercial vehicles, every engine and every drive has to be tested and inspected in detail. We already offer the key technologies for virtually every task.

Our portfolio of powertrain test benches is continuously adapted to changing market requirements and also keeps pace with the growing demand for e-mobility solutions for electric and hybrid drives. This means that your components can be tested and verified on our test benches at very early phases of projects.

A system alone does not ensure success; comprehensive understanding of the customer’s product is equally important. No matter what size your vehicle is, from motorcycles or passenger cars to trucks and rail vehicles, we always offer you the appropriately adapted test system.

Driveline with adapted output shaft

We install our test systems where our customers are: around the globe. From planning, implementation and support to the installation of individual test benches or the modernization of existing systems – we offer all solutions from a single source. Our test systems ensure more efficient and sustainable production with the highest quality and safety standards.

Benefit from our consulting and support services

We have an open ear for our customers ’ requirements and offer excellent service worldwide thanks to our global network and the use of state-of-the-art communication tools. Here, we value speed, reliability and professionalism as crucial characteristics for efficient production processes – throughout the entire life cycle of your automation solution

Benefits at a glance

Rely on our experienced and well-coordinated team. When it comes to powertrain tasks, we combine enthusiasm and passion with knowledge and expertise.

  • Expertise and experience

    We bundle our synergies from our expertise in mechanical engineering and new digital solutions for efficient and intelligent automation in production

  • State-of-the-art technologies

    We always keep our finger on the pulse and offer state-of-the-art automation technologies

  • Future-oriented and customized

    Innovative as well as efficient systems and test systems for the mobility of the future: from engineering to start-up and servicing, depending on requirements

  • Full flexibility

    Tailored to your needs, we draw on a large network of suppliers while, at the same time, offering you in-house solutions and standard products