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Automated resistance spot welding with KUKA

For spot welding, also known as resistance spot welding, we at KUKA offer optimally matched and quickly available automation solutions for economical robot-controlled spot welding with high quality weld and short cycle times.

KUKA spot welding technology from single robots to complete spot welding systems

In spot or resistance welding, high mechanical pressure is applied to a relatively small area and a large amount of energy is applied in the form of an electric current. During the weld process, two electrodes press sheets of metal together and convert the welding current into heat at the metals contact surface, as a result of which a permanent fixed joint, or spot weld, is created between the two metal sheets.

KUKA offers cost-effective and high-quality spot welding solutions for resistance spot welding, even for customer specific weld requirements. Our product's short delivery times enable individual solutions for the automation of spot welding - from welding robot arms with high payloads and optional additional axis to complete spot welding lines with perfectly matched components.

Spot Weld with KUKA Robotics: the advantages

KUKA's automated process of forming a weld combines maximum speed with exact weld precision, ensuring the best weld quality of welded joints and maximum efficiency throughout the welding process.
  • Accuracy

    KUKA's robotic arms fitted with electrode end of arm tooling weld extremely precisely with a high repeatability and resistance spot weld accuracy .
  • Speed

    Automated resistance spot welding takes place at a typical speed of 1.5s per spot or faster.
  • High availability

    Standardized products with short delivery times and proven technology ensure maximum availability.

  • Perfectly matched components

    KUKA offers perfectly combined technologies such as welding software, positioners and linear units.

Everything from a single source from KUKA

Robotics for resistance welding for every application

Software for economical welding processes

KUKA.RoboSpin: Weld aluminium as easily and as quickly as steel

With conventional resistance spot welding of aluminium components, the welding process takes place at a standstill. In this process, the copper caps often stick to the sheets and therefore have to be milled frequently and thus replaced more often.
KUKA has therefore created a solution with KUKA.RoboSpin that is tailored precisely address to this problem. The robot moves to the next welding point during the welding process. The electrodes therefore do not remain rigid, but rotate through a certain angle on the spot to be welded. Robospin enables spot welding of aluminium with low wear and better quality.
The robot rotates the servo gun during welding and thus significantly increases the service life of the electrode caps

More software options to optimize your welding process:


Software for the simulation of welding processes and virtual commissioning

Welding aluminum? No problem! Score high now in production for electromobility.

Aluminium plays an important role in e-mobility because of its ideal combination of lightness and strength. In welding and joining processes, the material aluminum can withstand high demands. With comprehensive process know-how and the right products, KUKA prepares you for the technological transformation towards e-mobility. The example of the battery box shows how the use of robots enables the production of aluminum components at a high quality level in a short time.

Read about what is important for aluminum welding in the electromobility sector

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Robotic spot welding: KUKA robots make spot welds on parts such as aluminum or steel rocker panels and wheel arches.

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