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Automation solutions for the 3C electronics industry

Shortest delivery times, competitive prices – automation in the 3C industry enables cost-efficient production processes. Our powerful small robots and cobots guarantee precision and particularly fast cycle times in the manufacture of computers, cell phones, TVs and the like.

Faster, shorter, better – the challenges facing the 3C industry 

What is the 3C industry?

The 3C industry is one of the most important sectors of the electronics industry and stands for Computer, Communication and Consumer electronics. This involves the production of electronic devices from the segments of computers, communication and entertainment: laptops, tablets, displays, smartphones, game consoles, headphones, monitors, AR and VR devices, and much more besides.

Automation solutions for competitive electronics production 

No other branch of manufacturing is subject to such rapid changes as the manufacture of 3C products, e.g. cell phones or smartwatches. Extremely short product development and life cycles coincide with maximum requirements in terms of speed and precision. For this reason, many manufacturing steps are still performed manually in the 3C industry.

Our robots for the 3C market provide the answer here: they can be implemented quickly and set standards in terms of accuracy and speed. Both the robots and their controllers require extremely little space in manufacturing. The advantageous price ensures that the return on investment is maintained even in the case of short product life cycles. Furthermore, KUKA offers its customers worldwide one of the best service portfolios in the industry with its digital service and local contacts. 

  • Cut costs

    • Increased productivity
    • Improved efficiency
    • Stable cycle times
    • Short cycle times
    • On-the-fly operation
    • Fast changeover for new manufacturing tasks
  • Enhance quality

    • Low susceptibility to errors
    • Automated processes
    • Better product quality
    • Precision
    • Consistent results
    • High payloads possible
  • Relief of personnel

    • Performance of monotonous tasks
    • Simple operation of the robot controller
    • No programming skills required
    • Reduction of ergonomically unfavorable movements
    • Human-robot collaboration
  • Wide range of robotic solutions

    • Manufacturing processes from screw fastening to packaging
    • Simple reprogramming
    • Sensitive assembly
    • Cleanroom solutions
    • Robots in ESD design

Efficient manufacturing is achieved when speed combines with precision

Customized robot-based automation solutions for electronics production, e.g. for handling smartPADs or fastening screws in TV sets

Simply strong – the industry-specific robot portfolio for the 3C market

Robots must cover a wide range of applications in the production of computer, communication and consumer electronics. Precision is of decisive importance here, for both the delicate insertion of chips and the lifting of unwieldy components such as LED displays. 

The cobot and small robot portfolio up to a payload capacity of 15 kilograms appears to be tailor-made for electronics manufacturing, including the compact controller.


Automation of the 3C industry: KUKA creates genuine competitive advantages

Global support

Our global network of system partners provides prompt local support. Our worldwide TechCenters in Taiwan and China, among others, provide direct on-site assistance with feasibility studies. 

Industry expertise

Years of process know-how and experience in the 3C industry are reflected in our sector-specific electronics portfolio of small robots and cobots.

Unbeatable: price/performance ratio

We do not develop just robots, but always a cost-effective complete package for strong manufacturing performance – guaranteeing precision, shortest cycle times, stable and sensitive processes. 


Complex manufacturing processes? Changed production processes? Our flexible and easy-to-operate systems and cells enable precisely that. Cobots make production lines even more flexible. 

KUKA Ready Packs

Get your complete robot package consisting of robot, controller, operator control element and software for your electronics manufacturing.

You want to automate your 3C production?

Use our worldwide partner network for a customized robotic solution in your company.