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Robotic assembly

Industrial assembly is one of the core tasks in industrial manufacturing. We offer you assembly robots and combine the necessary components and parts to create complete systems or products for you. In doing so, we always make sure that your production operations are aligned with the latest Industrie 4.0 requirements. 

Assembly: the technology

Assembly is one of the critical process steps in industrial manufacturing. The reason for this are ever-increasing product ranges, more complex systems and shorter innovation cycles. To be competitive in the era of Industrie 4.0, you need to be quick and above all flexible.


  • Handling of tools and workpieces



  • Handling between individual assembly steps

  • Individual tasks within the production process

  • Quality assurance


Automated assembly

KUKA considers the individual situation of each customer to determine the level of automation required. Assembling entails various steps, for example:

  • Handling of tools and workpieces
  • Handling between individual assembly steps
  • The individual tasks within the production process
  • Quality assurance

In addition to traditional assembly, we offer other automation solutions for the assembly shop of the future. The mobile KUKA flexFELLOW robot unit can be quickly moved into place where it is needed and put into operation immediately. Human-robot collaboration is also possible thanks to the sensitive characteristics of the LBR iiwa lightweight robot. This results in completely new concepts for sensitive assembly.

What advantages are made possible through industrial assembly with KUKA?

Improved quality

  • Error minimization – no fatigue when performing monotonous tasks
  • Reliable task fulfillment through to completion
  • Time savings – no breaks necessary
  • No risk of confusing parts
  • Compliance with all BOM items


  • Virtual commissioning with KUKA.Sim
  • Work possible in hazardous environments, such as in heat or with sharp components
  • Ergonomic work: robot positions object for worker, performs all overhead work
  • HRC (human-robot collaboration) with cobots: no safety fencing needed


  • Cost savings
  • Performance of simple tasks
  • Performance of repetitive tasks
  • High competitiveness
  • Higher productivity

Know-how and experience

  • Powerful and effective assembly cell
  • Intelligent automation solutions
  • Peripheral components, such as modular gripper systems
  • Optimal conveying systems
  • Sensitive assembly with collaborative robots 

Suitable assembly robots and cobots for automation of challenging assembly tasks

Whether small robots or heavy-duty robots, conventional industrial robots or cobots: we offer you a wide range of robots with various designs, kinematic systems, interfaces and optimal payload/reach combinations. Find the right robot for your application. We would be happy to advise you in this.

What role does human-robot collaboration play in assembly automation?

Assembly is one of the most complex jobs a robot can perform. Modern assembly robots, such as the LBR iiwa and the LBR iisy, can be used flexibly to meet requirements. The sensitive characteristics of the cobots allow the collaborative robots to work safely and flexibly without fencing. This enables assembly robots to be integrated into the existing production environment and to work directly with humans. Human-robot collaboration (HRC) – also called collaborative robotics. Cobots additionally relieve humans of strenuous routine activities and execute assembly tasks quickly and reliably. The grippers of the assembly robots can also be equipped with cameras. This enables the robot or gripper to always find the correct components and positions.
Human-robot collaboration enables safe and efficient precision work. The sensitive lightweight robot works together with humans in the same space at the same time.

Are you looking to automate your assembly process?

Write to us to discuss what your Assembly Cell 4.0 can look like.

Versatile assembly systems with sensitive robotics

Collaborative robots enable completely new solutions in production technology through human-robot collaboration. Here, humans and robots work hand in hand.
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Find out more about our customized solution concepts in our brochure.

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Our assembly robots in use at customer facilities

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