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The KUKA.ServoGun software technology package is a software option for controlling spot welding guns with an electric servomotor. It enables you to use the external axes of the robot controller to control the servo gun.

KUKA.ServoGun forms the basis for other additional software options such as KUKA.RoboSpin or KUKA.EqualizingTech and can be optionally added to the KR C4 controller. KUKA.ServoGun makes it possible to carry out resistance spot welding with an electric motor-driven welding gun. The software provides you with an established method for automating the resistance spot welding of sheet metal.

Your advantages with KUKA.ServoGun

Easy to install

KUKA.ServoGun is easy to configure thanks to its start-up wizard. Status keys make operating the basic functions very straightforward. Thanks to the detailed acceptance documentation, you can improve diagnosis and logging following start-up.

Flexible application

With KUKA.ServoGun, you can use any servomotors on the market that are compatible with KUKA controllers. An integrated operator control concept makes it possible to use inline forms for all applications. In addition, the software provides freely configurable weld timer interfaces and numerous expansion options. The effective welding gun force is independent of gravitational force, age and temperature.

Efficient calibration

The software allows for automatic force calibration using an external, controller-supported force sensor which is operated via the standard interface of the mastering sensor. In addition, background processes such as robot handling provide greater process efficiency during stationary tip dressing.

Precise compensation

Thanks to the new force control mechanism, you achieve greater force accuracy with KUKA.ServoGun. This ensures a higher level of quality, precision and resistance to external influences. 

KUKA.ServoGun: variants and options 

Two technology variants are available in the KUKA.ServoGun technology package: firstly, KUKA.ServoGunAdvanced (currently only available from KUKA) for the use of electric servomotors with an integrated force sensor and KUKA.ServoGunBasic, which uses electric servomotors with the robot controller in torque mode. The two variants therefore cover different applications.

KUKA.ServoGunAdvanced is suitable for:

  • sheet combinations that are difficult to join, such as high-strength alloys, heavily coated metals and other unusual materials,
  • material combinations that are difficult to weld and joining applications with high quality requirements

KUKA.ServoGunBasic is suitable for:

  • sheet combinations that are easy to join,
  • material compositions that are easy to weld