KUKA _3D Perception sensor

This sensor with integrated 3D stereo camera system from KUKA enables 3D perception in real time and allows both 3D measurement and positioning in space. By so doing, it turns the concept of spatial orientation and machine vision into a reality.

The KUKA_3D Perception sensor makes it possible to perceive unstructured environments precisely and in real time, and to position objects accurately in space using various kinematic systems. It is the first 3D sensor in the world to endow robots and other systems with such capabilities in this manner. The upshot of this sophisticated solution: your robot can sense its position and orientation in the space with millimeter accuracy and perform tasks even more quickly and efficiently.

Machine vision, with millimeter accuracy

Using its integrated technology, KUKA _3D Perception processes data and images directly in the sensor and can determine its current position and orientation with millimeter accuracy. Point clouds are very easy to create. The 3D sensor is able to detect its environment in both natural and compromised light conditions. It reliably generates precise image data even in the case of quick movements. What’s more, multiple sensors can operate in a confined space without difficulty or interference.

KUKA _3D Perception produces numerous types of images

  • Camera image

    Depicts the environment as a simple 2D image

  • Depth image

    Shows the distance between the environment and the sensorp

  • Accuracy image

    Shows how accurately the distance between the environment and the sensor is detected

  • Confidence image

    Indicates the reliability of the measured values for the depiction

Direct data processing in the 3D sensor

Depth images are processed directly in the sensor using the integrated graphics card. No external computing power is required – ideal for mobile robot systems. The high-performance hardware was designed for use in a robotic environment, is rated for temperatures of up to 50 °C and meets the requirements of protection class IP 54 this provides a good basis for parallel kinematic systems too. 

3D object recognition: Depiction of depth image and point cloud

The video from KUKA development partner Roboception demonstrates the function of the 3D sensor.

Industrial image processing - user-friendly and quickly deployable

You can set up KUKA _3D Perception easily in your web browser via a user-friendly interface. It is also possible to connect the 3D sensor to commercially available image processing libraries and other software frameworks such as ROS using standard interfaces like REST API and GenICam. 
Access to the KUKA 3D sensor using WebGUI.

KUKA _3D Perception sensor available in several variants 

You can choose between two models of the KUKA _3D Perception sensor with different baseline distances: 65 mm or 160 mm. These allow you to carry out a depth image calculation for use in the near or long range. The image can be displayed in monochrome or in color.
  • 2D, confidence, depth and accuracy images in real time
  • Image and acceleration data for self-localization
  • SLAM integrated (optional) 

Technical specifications
CAD data

Two models with different baseline distances.

_3D Perception.IPChanger 

You can assign your KUKA _3D Perception sensor a fixed IP address in your network using the web-based tool KUKA _3D Perception.IPChanger. Moreover, you can view all the sensors in your environment at a glance and establish a connection to the sensor’s browser interface at the click of a mouse.

Free software download

3D sensor suitable for bin-picking applications

Using this innovative and inexpensive solution, it is now possible, for example, to implement bin-picking applications more quickly and efficiently. To do so, you merely need the KUKA _3D Perception.BinPicking software in addition to the KUKA _3D Perception sensor. This combination enables you to accomplish bin-picking tasks for straightforward, unmixed products in conjunction with suction grippers. You can source a complete solution for this bin-picking application from KUKA, featuring a robot, 3D sensor and software.

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