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KUKA at ERF 2023

At ERF, from March 14-16 in Denmark, KUKA demonstrates how robotics can help people in the medical field with an award-winning application.

How to build a community for commercial successes

At the most influential meeting of the European robotics community, the European Robotics Forum (ERF), representatives from science, industry and politics from all over Europe gather in Odense, Denmark, to exchange ideas on current robotics topics at lectures, workshops and social events under the motto "How to build a community for commercial successes".

At the accompanying exhibition, companies, startups and universities will have the opportunity to provide an insight into their current products and research approaches and to exchange ideas in the robotics network.

In addition, renowned awards will be presented at the ERF, including the euRobotics Entrepreneurship Award for the most promising robotics startup, the euRobotics Techtransfer Award for the best result of a cooperation between research and industry, and the euRobotics George Giralt PhD Award for the best European dissertation.

Arthritis examinations with robotics support

Together with the Danish company ROPCA, KUKA is showing an application from the medical field: ARTHUR, an ARTHritis ultrasound robot, consists of an automated ultrasound platform with a sensitive KUKA lightweight robot LBR Med for examining patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The patient can interact directly with the platform. In this way, and the doctor saves time in consulting the patient, since the ultrasound images for diagnosis are already available.

ROPCA's vision is to develop a variety of robotic application platforms that help clinics increase the productivity and quality of their daily work. With their concept, the team already convinced the jury of the KUKA Innovation Award at the end of 2022.

Members of ROPCA

About ERF

The ERF is organised by euRobotics, an international non-profit association based in Brussels, for all members in European robotics. The aim is to make robotics useful for the European economy and society.

KUKA plays a leading role here.The ERF has its origins in a purely academic event in 2010. It has evolved into one of the most influential European platforms with representatives from research, industry and politics.


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