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KUKA teams up with Salesforce

Strategic cooperation in the areas of digitalization and IoT to further accelerate customer success

26 aprilie 2016

Augsburg/Hannover, April 2016 – KUKA, one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions, has chosen Salesforce to advance the digital transformation of their business and to jointly develop practical applications with real customer benefits for diverse areas of life under the slogan “Hello Industrie 4.0 - We go Digital.”

By joining forces with Salesforce, KUKA will be able to further improve and digitalize its entire value chain and all touch points with customers, partners and employees in sales, service and marketing. One main focus will be to change the communication culture within the company and with partners and customers.

Leveraging the Salesforce platform, KUKA will create and offer completely new services and applications for customers. “With this global cooperation, KUKA will be able to show that Industry 4.0 is not only “Robots talking with each other,” but rather change the way we communicate and work together,” said Holger Ewald, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at KUKA.

“Salesforce provides us with the best platform for realizing our strategic objectives by providing additional services for our customers and partners in the fields of automation. We feel we are perfect partners considering our complementary strengths,” he added.

“Our company is  looking forward to be working with KUKA to both transform its own business and develop amazing apps for its customers and partners built on our platform", said Miguel Milano, President EMEA Salesforce

"Behind every KUKA device is a demanding customer and we'll be able to help KUKA discover how every signal from connected devices can create business value in real time, delivering an entirely new level of customer success."  

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