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KS Framer: the best basis for vehicle bodies

The KS Framer is our specialist for dimensionally accurate bodies-in-white. In perfect precision and within the shortest time, it secures floor assemblies, side panels and roof elements. 

The bodies for future cars are created on the KS Framer. This makes it a decisive station in the automated body shop – a correct basis is of crucial importance in the automotive sector.

Using clamping frames, the KS Framer quickly places side panels and roof bows with exactly fitting geometry in relation to the underbody. In this position, several robots operating on different levels join the individual parts together into a dimensionally accurate body. With the KS Framer, up to six different vehicle models can be produced.

Advantages of the KS Framer

  • Short non-productive time: achieved by intelligent clamping frame management
  • High flexibility: The modular structure of the KS Framer means that it can be individually adapted and expanded to meet any requirements in terms of model variety.
  • Flexible application: The KS Framer makes it possible to produce all kinds of vehicle types from small cars through to transporters.

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