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KUKA Safety Services

Production facilities must be reliable, efficient and, above all, safe. System planners and operators must fulfill legal requirements and document their measures. KUKA Safety Services support you in ensuring the safety of people and machines in your production system.

Safety standards at the highest level

When planning or upgrading production systems, a comprehensive safety concept must be developed that protects your employees and enables efficient, profitable operation of your system.

KUKA Safety Services offers you scaled service offerings for every project phase of your system.

Our experts work closely with you during the planning, installation, inspection or modification of the safety systems in your production plant. Continuous exchange and on-site presence enable a smooth, successful project process.

Measurement and testing of human-robot collaborative (HRC) applications

In HRC applications, employees and robots work together hand in hand; without separation or the need for a safety fence. To ensure the safety of the close collaboration between robot and employee, it is essential to identify, evaluate, and address potential risks in advance.

KUKA experts help develop and implement your HRC safety concept. Engaging your employees, we identify potential contact events in the human-robot collaborative application, evaluate risk potential, and implement risk-reducing measures to ensure compliance with defined limit values.

Ensuring safety in human-robot collaboration requires thorough validation of hardware and software to meet stringent standards and minimize risks in the working environment.

Individual safety concepts for your production facilities

KUKA experts advise and support you with secure implementation in accordance with the latest security standards.