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KUKA Triple Lift

The KUKA Triple Lift is a mobile lift platform for working at heights of up to eight meters. The Triple Lift is continuously adjustable via hydraulic telescopic cylinders. It remains very stable even when extended. This means you can enjoy maximum safety at all times. 

KUKA Triple Lift: extremely sturdy and flexible

If you opt for the KUKA Triple Lift, you will benefit from a platform with extreme stiffness. The telescopic cylinders prevent virtually any swaying.

Despite the considerable dead weight, the platform can be moved from a standing position in any direction with millimeter accuracy, even under maximum load. The platform is controlled by radio, allowing you to stand next to or on it. 

The KUKA Triple Lift was designed specifically for maintenance, repairs and overhauls, abbreviated as MRO. The vehicle is used for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, especially wide-bodied aircraft such as the A380.

Maximum mobility with the Mecanum wheel

The omnidirectional Mecanum wheel technology allows the KUKA Triple Lift to perform translational and rotational maneuvers. The special Mecanum wheels are made of barrel-shaped, individual rollers. This enables each of them to move on its own, independently of the other wheels. From a standing position, the KUKA Triple Lift can be moved quickly and compactly, even in the tightest spaces.

The KUKA Triple Lift in action

Even hard-to-reach places are no problem for the KUKA Triple Lift.

Advantages of the KUKA Triple Lift

Reaching new heights

The hydraulic telescopic arms allow stepless positioning at any work level. The KUKA Triple Lift reaches its maximum lift height of up to eight meters in 120 seconds.


The special design of the three-armed lifting mechanism gives the KUKA Triple Lift enormous stability and stiffness with a payload of up to 1,000 kilograms – facilitating efficient and safe work.


The omnidirectional Mecanum wheel technology ensures a positioning accuracy of +/- 5 mm even under heavy load. 


Navigate the mobile lift platform as desired or as required by the task at hand – via radio remote control, directly on or next to the platform.


The Triple Lift meets all safety standards required for lift platforms. Optional bumpers with contact strips ensure that the platform stops safely in case of a collision. Velocity monitoring in dual-channel technology offers additional safety.