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KUKA wins four Red Dot Design Awards at Product Design 2022

The KUKA LBR iisy and smartPAD pro wowed the Red Dot and iF juries for a quadruple victory in the design world.

04 October 2022

The Red Dot Award and the iF Design Awardtwo of the largest design competitions in the world – stand for expert assessment of design quality. With four wins for the LBR iisy and smartPAD pro, KUKA demonstrated convincing quality and aesthetics in the successful combination of technology and creativity.
The KUKA team is delighted to have won the award.

The perfect interaction: design meets intuitive usability

Sensitive, precise and easy to operate, the LBR iisy Cobot makes automation even more intuitive and opens up new applications for human-robot collaboration. "Impressive low weight, compact design, small footprint, integrated sensors and, above all, simple and fast commissioning make the Cobot a flexible helper in production," said Dr. Kristina Wagner, Senior Vice President Technology & Innovation Center at KUKA.
The LBR iisy: flexible to use, intuitive to operate and reliable in contact with humans

Robot control for beginners with iiQKA.OS

Thanks to the new iiQKA.OS operating system, the LBR iisy is ready to go in just a few minutes. It forms an unbeatable team as an operating unit with the flexible KR C5 micro small robot controller and the new smartPAD pro. Best of all, simple manual guidance of the robot can set up many tasks, so customers do not need extensive programming experience to use the Cobot. "Customers don't even have to pick up the operating device for hand guidance," explained Volker Schmirgel, Chief Product Owner R&D Mechatronic Products. "All the buttons are on the robot, which makes it easy to operate,"

Excellent and safe design

The design of the LBR iisy family also simplifies its use, with an edgeless arm that enables humans and cobots to work safely side by side or together. "In addition, integrated torque sensors in all joints instantly detect the slightest touch and react to collisions," said Melina Nasradini, Principal Product Owner at R&D Mechatronic Products.

Simple and intuitive robot control

Robot operation with the new KUKA smartPAD pro is more intuitive and simple than ever before. The ergonomic design of the robust operating device provides fatigue-free continuous use in industrial environments," explained Sergiy Ostrovski, Project Manager and Principal Product Owner at R&D Mechatronic Products. The smartPAD pro can operate all KUKA products that run the new iiQKA.OS operating system .
With the KUKA smartPAD pro and the new iiQKA.OS operating system, KUKA is revolutionizing robot control – simply and intuitively.

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