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Faster, easier automation with the new KR CYBERTECH series Edition robot

In 2023, the new KR CYBERTECH series Edition robot will provide adapted functions, lower costs and familiar high quality. The Edition robot makes entry-level automation cost-effective and easy while it simplifies applications from handling to polishing.

02 May 2023

Flexible:  A new edition robot for efficient automation

The multi-talented KR CYBERTECH feeds components into assembly processes, checks workpiece quality, and grinds and polishes metal parts. Its flexibility makes it particularly popular in a wide range of industries, including the dynamic metal and electronics industriesBeginning in 2023, this widely used customer favorite also will be available as an Edition robot, with functions that focus on the most important tasks for specific applications, including fast, simple automation of pick-and-place and grinding tasks.

Fast and compact: for automated processes in production

The KR CYBERTECH series Edition robot makes the perfect choice for cost-effective automation of handling and basic machining tasks. Like the two KR CYBERTECH nano ARC HW edition robots, the KR CYBERTECH KR 20 E also supports customers in their first steps toward automation, especially in price-sensitive markets, where its impressive cost efficiency leads the way. Its high-precision, reliable motion characteristics and its rigidity differ only slightly from the existing KR CYBERTECH series. “Although the Edition variants provide fewer selection options, they are based on the latest developments in the series, just like the many other robot types in this globally popular series,” emphasized portfolio manager Markus Hollfelder-Asam. This translates to lower costs with the same high quality.
The newcomer in the KR CYBERTECH series provides low cost and high efficiency

Use of the latest software and hardware

For handling, grinding or inspection, Edition robots benefit from service-proven technologies, plus compatibility with the current operating system and the latest-generation KR C5 controller. This not only enables seamless switching of operating systems and application packages but also reduces overall energy consumption. Operator control with the smartPAD also ensures uncomplicated use.

A cost-efficient introduction to process automation

The optimized structural design of the KR CYBERTECH KR 20 E reduces purchase costs while the robust, compact design of Edition robots makes operation cost effective. “This makes them a particularly attractive solution for customers who are just getting started with automation, who frequently come from still-growing markets,” says Markus Hollfelder-Asam. Small and medium-sized companies really can benefit from the new KR CYBERTECH KR 20 E. It offers good value for its price, and its application-focused performance also makes it a worthwhile option for customers with partially automated processes already in place.
Also an attractive solution for small and medium-sized companies

Efficient robotics for highly dynamic processes

The standard features of the new Edition version of the KR 20 include IP 67 protection for the wrist and IP 54 for the rest of the industrial robot, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It operates in a temperature range from 0°-45° C, and can mount on the floor, wall or ceiling at any angle - just like the rest of the KR CYBERTECH series. The KR CYBERTECH KR 20 E is designed for a payload of up to 20 kg, with a maximum reach of up to 1820 mm.

The high performance manufacturers need

KUKA's Edition robots attract new customers and support both their first steps into automation as well as the implementation of their applications. The latest member of the family can be ordered globally beginning in the spring of 2023 – sooner in China. As portfolio manager Markus Hollfelder-Asam said, “We are pleased that as we did with the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC HW, we can expand the series once again to respond to our customers' needs.”

The new Edition robot is as flexible as any KR CYBERTECH

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