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KUKA.LaserTech is a programming support package for laser cutting and laser welding. It saves time, has a modular structure and is easy to use. The software enables laser welding and laser cutting systems to be integrated into the robot controller.

Features of the KUKA.LaserTech software

Welding, brazing, soldering or cutting – you name it: KUKA.LaserTech is a versatile software solution for various laser applications that allows you to achieve the highest degree of flexibility.

KUKA.LaserTech has a modular structure. The user-friendly inline forms ensure that laser applications can be integrated and programmed quickly and easily.

Video: KUKA robots make laser welding flexible

One of the most advanced and flexible laser welding cells in Europe can be found at WinNova (formerly Innova) in Laitila (Finland). WinNova is a research and training company and receives orders from the shipbuilding industry on a regular basis. To enable WinNova to work with the large and bulky components prevalent in this industry, KUKA developed the high-tech laser cell, Innova Lasepro, which paves the way for flexible, camera-monitored laser welding and laser cutting processes.
By using the KUKA.LaserTech software, two robots can carry out various welding processes in one cell.


  • Quick and simple programming of process commands using the KUKA standard inline forms
  • All process-relevant parameters (laser, wire, gas, etc.) can be controlled via the robot
  • Quick access to important functions using icon status keys



  • Control of the laser power proportional to the velocity
  • Support for extremely precise motion sequences
  • Time and distance-based slopes for the laser power


  • Access to the laser can be switched between several robots very quickly in order to optimize utilization of the laser source
  • Numerous functions to facilitate programming, for example
  • Stitch seam function
  • Ready-made geometries
  • Wire cutting function

System requirements for KUKA.LaserTech


System Software KSS 8.2 or KSS 8.3


  • KUKA robot controller KR C4
  • Field bus systems (EtherCat, ProfiNet, Interbus, Profibus, etc.)
  • All KUKA robots with KSS System Software, KUKA High Accuracy robots are recommended for a great many applications
  • Laser source and processing optics (customer-specific adaptations may be possible in consultation with KUKA)

Advantages of laser applications with KUKA robots

  • Economic feasibility of highly flexible system concepts
  • Workspace maximization by means of open 6-axis kinematic system, expandable using KUKA positioners and linear units
  • Intelligent automation concepts by way of system linking