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LBR iisy Cobot

Highly versatile, intuitive to operate and reliable in contact with humans – the LBR iisy is a cobot for all production areas. It combines the know-how of industrial automation with the flexibility and simplicity of an intelligent tool, paired with the speed of a traditional industrial robot.

Set it up, switch it on, get started._It’s iisy

Ready for use in just a few minutes –  the LBR iisy cobot stands out due to its intuitive operating features, which ensure that it can be put to use quickly and productively without any prior knowledge.

The robot uses the iiQKA.OS operating system, making it easy to install, configure and program. Tasks can be taught really easily by means of manual guidance. Thanks to the smart teach pendant smartPAD pro, any additional programming tasks are as easy as using a smartphone.

An optional pre-installed and pre-configured gripper makes the cobot even easier to use.

Want to automate tasks quickly? No problem at all with the LBR iisy industrial robot

Great reasons to opt for the LBR iisy

The LBR iisy industrial robot is ideally suited to a wide range of tasks in fields of application and in industries where precision, speed and dexterity are particularly important. It is used to load and unload machines, for pick-and-place and handling tasks, but also for packaging and testing.

The collaborative robot is impressive not only with its low weight, its incomparably high speed, the compact design and the integrated sensors, but above all because of its straightforward commissioning, which makes the LBR iisy a flexible assistant in the production environment.

  • Easy

    • Ready for use in no time at all
    • Teaching by hand
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Control via smartPAD pro
    • No programming knowledge
    • Option: pre-configured gripper
  • Collaborative & safe

    • Detects collisions
    • Measures process forces by means of joint torque sensors
    • HRC-capable
    • Simple maintenance using intervention areas
  • Flexibly expandable

    • Internal cable routing for power supply
    • Accessories can be installed easily using toolboxes
    • Swift change of tasks
    • Connection to iiQKA ecosystem
  • Value-adding

    • Low investment costs
    • High availability
    • Large working radius, small footprint
    • Industry-proven
    • Combination of the advantages of the conventional robot and cobot

Custom-made or mass production._It’s iisy

Thanks to the new iiQKA.OS operating system and its industry-proven technology, the LBR iisy collaborative robot can be quickly integrated into existing production landscapes. At the same time, the cobot fits seamlessly into rapidly changing manufacturing environments that produce customized goods – even with a batch size of 1.


3 - 15 Load capacity [kg]

760 - 1300 Reach [mm] (arm length)

The LBR iisy cobot can be deployed with ease in almost all production areas.

Immediately ready for productive use

The cobot can be ready for any production task in just a few minutes. Its intuitive operability and integrated manual guidance make commissioning effortless and programming simple.

Simple tool change

Tool changes can be carried out on the LBR iisy in no time at all. All customary tools are docked onto the ISO flange, and the cable routing for the power supply is already integrated. 

Attractive design

Slim, lightweight and easy to handle – the LBR iisy, with its clear-cut design, invites you to touch it. There are no sharp edges, which makes programming by hand particularly agreeable. It can even be used in the tightest of spaces thanks to its minimal footprint.

Increased speed

The LBR iisy impresses with an extremely high joint speed, which makes it as fast as a traditional industrial robot. This sets it apart from conventional cobots and allows it to be operated with higher torques as well as at a higher speed.

Proven industrial suitability

The LBR iisy cobot not only has a field-proven and industrial-grade drive train, but also supports all the essential industry-standard features such as field bus protocols, digital I/Os, safety and more. It can therefore be integrated into any existing system with ease.

Cost-effective automation

The cost-effective equipment of the robot and the fact that it can be quickly integrated into production lines make the LBR iisy industrial robot an attractive proposition for small and medium-sized companies as well.

Low weight

The cobot’s easy handling plays a crucial role in making it rewarding to use. Due to its low weight, the LBR iisy can also be quickly moved to a different position. 

E-book: Cobots as a simple and cost-effective automation solution

What is the significance of collaborative robots for business? For which target groups are they worth it? All questions relating to cobot are clarified in our e-book. Our aim is to provide you with information and inspiration and encourage you to test the possibilities opened up by cobots for your specific requirements.
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3D simulation – get to know the LBR iisy cobot

Choose between two different applications and get a 3D preview of the LBR iisy, with or without a safety fence depending on your needs. You can view the selected application easily from all sides, zooming in and out to get a close look at all the details of the collaborative robot.

Choose an application
Pick & Place
Handling Machine Tools
Choose safety measures
Laser Scanner
Protective fence

LBR iisy Cobot data overview

LBR iisy 3 R760 LBR iisy 6 R1300 LBR iisy 8 R930 LBR iisy 11 R1300 LBR iisy 11 R1300 CR LBR iisy 15 R930
3 kg
6 kg
8 kg
11 kg
11 kg
15 kg
Maximum reach
760 mm
1300 mm
930 mm
1300 mm
1300 mm
930 mm
Construction type
Version environment
Mounting positions
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Angle, Ceiling, Floor, Wall
Protection class
IP 30
IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
Data sheet
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