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KUKA at FachPack 2018

At FachPack 2018, KUKA is presenting solutions for processes and technologies in the packaging industry – from the new ready2_palletize_light product and the new KUKA.PickControl software package to solutions for Industrie 4.0 and logistics. The packaging industry will be meeting in Nuremberg from 25 to 27 September 2018.

Visit us at FachPack 2018: Hall 3, Booth 3-223.

Forever facing new challenges, the packaging industry is always on the lookout for efficient processes and technologies. At FachPack, KUKA will be showcasing solutions for packaging-intensive branches of industry. Exhibits will include solutions for mobile palletization, palletizing robots, a palletizing cell with special software, and applications for Industrie 4.0 and logistics.

Simple solution for mobile palletization

KUKA ready2_use packages are preconfigured application solutions that can be put into operation in a very short space of time. At FachPack, KUKA is presenting a palletizing cell with the new ready2_palletize_light application package. The palletizing cell is easy to transport and can be dismantled at one location and reinstalled at another within an hour. It is thus outstandingly suitable for mobile palletization.
The ready2_palletize light package has been developed for simple, mobile palletization.

Pick&Pack application for unsorted parts at multiple conveyors

In cooperation with robomotion, KUKA is exhibiting another palletizing cell centered on KUKA.PickControl. With the new software, the automation of Pick&Pack tasks for palletizing lines is made easy. It enables the simple start-up of up to eight KUKA robots for Pick&Pack tasks with unsorted parts on multiple conveyors. A second robotic software package for quality control and conveyor tracking automatically adapts the actions of the robots to the motions of production lines or conveyors.

KUKA.PickControl allows simple configuration of Pick&Pack tasks.

Cloud software solutions for Industrie 4.0

Digital transformation, networking and smart production are also playing an increasingly important role in the packaging industry. For this reason, KUKA is demonstrating the cloud software solutions KUKA Connect and KUKA SmartProduction for Industrie 4.0 at FachPack. KUKA Connect enables customers to access the data of their KUKA robots at any time or place. With the cloud software solution KUKA SmartProduction, it is possible to network entire production lines with one another and with the cloud. Not only KUKA products, but all active components of a production facility can be integrated.
KUKA Connect: cloud-based platform that affords customers easy access to the data of their KUKA robots and allows them to analyze the data.

Intralogistics and packaging logistics from a single source

For the field of intralogistics and packaging logistics, logistics specialist Swisslog is showcasing the mobile goods-to-person system CarryPick. CarryPick is an automated warehouse and order processing system. It comprises the KMP 600 mobile transport unit and the SynQ system software. SynQ offers virtual and augmented reality functions. This allows operation of the CarryPick system to be simulated prior to implementation, for example in the areas of intralogistics and packaging logistics.
Video: Swisslog’s CarryPick – mobile warehouse and order picking system

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