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With KUKA.Gripper&SpotTech software, you reduce commissioning times and simplify troubleshooting. It enables your robot system to control the tools and grippers in the work environment.

Areas of application for the software

KUKA.Gripper&SpotTech 4.0 enables your robot system to control and monitor tools and grippers in its work environment. Concrete application areas are material handling and spot welding with pneumatic weld guns. Handling tasks with KUKA robots can be programmed particularly quickly and easily.

Functions of KUKA.Gripper&SpotTech 4.0

  • 16 freely configurable grippers
  • 256 configurable welding programs
  • Gripper conditions statically and dynamically monitored
  • Unlimited user-defined gripper icons
  • Freely programmable fault elimination routines
  • Graphical user interface with indicator lamps, a status display and online adaptation
  • Adaptation via WorkVisual 4.0 and on the smartPAD for production-relevant elements

System requirements of the robot controller

KUKA.GripperSpotTech 4.0 is a successor product to GripperSpotTech 3.x and offers considerably more functions. For this reason, it is not compatible with earlier versions.

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