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Robotic handling 

With our handling robots, suitable software packages and a comprehensive range of services, we offer optimally tailored robotic handling solutions for virtually every sector: From assembly and pick & place to material transport.

What does handling mean with KUKA?

Automated handling offers enormous advantages

Our broad robotics portfolio enables you to automate the handling of a wide variety of goods. With a payload capacity of up to 1.3 tonnes, our handling robots can be used for a range of applications to ease the burden on your production employees, as well as to maximize profitability in your company. With a network of system partners and worldwide support, we also offer you high-quality customer service. Enjoy all the benefits of automation with KUKA – from planning your system to commissioning, including comprehensive services:
  • Strong robot portfolio

    • Handling robots for every application
    • Payload capacities from 3 kg up to 1300 kg 
    • Long reach up to 3904 mm
    • Easy upgrade to higher payload capacity
    • High-speed robots
    • Utmost accuracy
    • Robots for special environmental conditions
  • Maximum flexibility

    • Broad spectrum of reaches that can be extended using linear axes
    • Wide range of different mounting options
    • Small footprint
    • Standardized products with short delivery times
  • Connectivity

    • Flexible connection to periphery via various interfaces and bus systems
    • Connection to various grippers and sensors, such as laser scanners, force torque sensors, image processing systems, etc.
    • Monitoring of the robot fleet via KUKA iiQoT cloud software
  • Low energy consumption

    • Energy-efficient design of robot and controller
    • Optimized energy model
    • Energy-saving overall system
    • Reduced global footprint
    • Reduced CO2 emissions

Autonomous mobile robots are perfectly suited to automated handling

The KMR CYBERTECH mobile robot enables the automation of machine tools with maximum flexibility in confined spaces.

Strong robotics portfolio for automated handling

We offer robots with a wide range of payload capacities, reaches and variants to master your handling task. Furthermore, with our mobile robotics you are even more flexible in the design of your production facility.


Cobots and pick & place robots

Handling robots for low to medium payload capacities

All-rounder for heavy handling tasks 

With KUKA linear units, you add a further axis to the robot, thereby considerably extending its work envelope. Our controllers for large robots (KR C5) and small robots (KR C5 micro) round out the package.

Automated handling with mobile robotics

Select from our mobile robots to make your application even more flexible.

You want to automate your handling tasks?

Send us your inquiry. Our experts would be happy to advise you.

Handling robots for industrial sectors with high requirements

The requirements in demanding industries, such as primary and secondary manufacturing are enormous. When it comes to handling, KUKA enables you to meet these requirements. We offer different robotics variants for sectors with high hygiene standards, such as the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as for sensitive, ultraclean production environments in the electronics industry and battery cell production. You can effortlessly use our robots for handling in strictly regulated production areas:

Portfolio for production areas with high requirements:

Hygienic Oil (HO) portfolio

  • Food-compatible lubricants in all axes
  • DIN ISO 14159 certification: Meets all hygiene requirements for the secondary sector
  • Simple detection of contamination due to the light color design
  • Ideal for packaging and palletizing


KUKA Hygienic Oil robots

 Hygienic Machine (HM) portfolio 

  • Robotics with hygienic design
  • Maximum hygiene standards for the strictly regulated hygiene environment in the primary sector
  • Simple cleaning due to the smooth and particularly resistant surface
  • Food-compatible lubricants in all axes


KUKA Hygienic Machine robots

Cleanroom portfolio (CR)

  • Robots, cobots and platforms with low particle emissions
  • Easy-to-clean special surfaces, special primers, seals and coatings
  • Safe handling of highly sensitive microelectronics such as wafers
  • Fraunhofer IPA cleanroom-certified according to DIN EN ISO 14644-14
  • ESD-capable and ESD-certified as standard


Cleanroom robot solutions for semiconductor production

Dry room solutions

  • Handling in very low air humidity or very low dew point
  • Smooth surface and internal connection technology
  • Tested in the dry room
  • Certified by Fraunhofer IPA
  • ESD-capable and ESD-certified as standard


KR AGILUS 2 for handling in the dry room

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) portfolio

  • Protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging
  • Safe handling of sensitive electronic components, e.g. printed circuit boards
  • Meets all requirements of the electronics industry
  • ESD-capable and ESD-certified as standard

ESD robots

Foundry robots

  • Heat, corrosion, alkali and acid resistant coatings
  • Foundry wrists of the robots with special coating for even greater heat resistance
  • Optimized for the harsh environment in the foundry and forging industry
  • Certified with protection rating IP67


Robots in the foundry

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KUKA handling robot in action