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„Robotics is my home“

She did not come directly to robotics. But now Bianca Czichy has been working at KUKA since 2017 and has found her dream job. Looking back, she considers dropping out of university to have been one of the best decisions of her life. Because the young woman feels at home in robotics. She lives her vocation in her job as a trainer in the field of mechanics.

25 April, 2024
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"I'm a practitioner through and through," says Bianca Czichy. But she hadn't always known that. After graduating from high school, she initially took the traditional route of studying. She wanted to study Chinese culture and language at the university in Munich. But something was missing. Something crucial: fostering her passion for technology. Bianca is fascinated by robotics. She could spend hours watching large machines interlocking gears and creating impressive things. Bianca follows her inner drive and immerses herself in the world of robotics. In 2017, she decided to do a technical apprenticeship at KUKA. It was no coincidence that she chose the automation expert: "I wanted to join an innovative company that manufactures interesting products and where I can live out my enthusiasm for technology. And what could be more interest-ing than robotics?" asks Bianca Czichy with a laugh.

Dream job in robotics

"If you enjoy your work, you're good at what you do," says trainer Bianca Czichy. She sets an example for the young people.

Made for the profession of mechanic

In the apprenticeship, the young woman found what she had often lacked during her studies: "I particularly liked the fact that I was taken by the hand. I could always ask someone who was there to help and advise me. Someone who supported and motivated me."

At the KUKA training center, trainees learn on new machines with state-of-the-art technology.

Bianca passes on the craft

Bianca Czichy says she enjoys technical tinkering. And she quickly realized that she wanted to learn more about robots and pass on her knowledge and skills. Soon after her own apprenticeship, she was able to get a taste of what it is like to train young people – now on the other side. She liked it so much that she completed her master's degree in metalworking and then became a trainer at KUKA.

A strong team under strong leadership. The future of robotics is being created here.

The beginnings of technology: KUKA, the #HomeofRobotik

As an employee of KUKA's Augsburg training center, the mechanic is proud that KUKA robotics development began here at the German headquarters over 50 years ago. "What we are working on today has its origins in #HomeofRobotik."

For Bianca Czichy, there is nothing more exciting than robotics.

"As a global player, we now develop automation solutions for customers in a wide range of industries and markets." However, the company has retained the engineering spirit of its robotics beginnings. "We know our roots and the secret of our success." When the trainer talks about it, it sounds simple: "Innovations arise when you also give room for mistakes. Because everything is never perfect the first time. And if I make mistakes and get punished for them, I won't try again. That's why we need this space for creative freedom, where a positive error culture can give rise to great innovations."

Instructor Bianca also sets a good example when it comes to welding.

Reaching the goal with creative freedom

The trainer wants to be a role model for her trainees. "They should be allowed to be themselves, have freedom to develop their ideas and always treat others with respect." It is particularly important to Bianca to exemplify values such as reliability and enthusiasm for robotics. Because only then can she pass these values on to her apprentices.

I want my trainees to make their way and get to where they want to be in their career.

Bianca Czichy, trainer, KUKA Robotics

Proud of the own automation solutions

The fact that a robot works, despite its complexity and the many different components that make it up, still inspires the trainer to this day. "And the fact that one wheel on a production line meshes with another and every robot does exactly what it's supposed to do fascinates me."

The basics, such as filing, have to be right.

Bianca sees being able to see the fruits of her labor every day as another plus point of her job. The fact that work can be fun is the most important lesson she wants to convey anyway. "Only then are you good at what you do."

Communication is important

Good communication is essential for the work results to be right. And this is the case, reports Bianca: "I am particularly enthusiastic about the team spirit in the company. The team spirit and shared passion for robotics and automation are unifying.

In Bianca's eyes, a good team atmosphere is very important for the success of the company.

Problems are addressed openly and constructive solutions are found. And I've never had the impression that I have fewer opportunities here as a woman than my male colleagues." In general, KUKA is investing a lot in the future of the company: "We have a new training workshop in Augsburg. The rooms are bright and we can work with amazing new machinery," enthuses the trainer.

"Did you see that? That's what you have to watch out for when welding!" Bianca Czichy attaches great importance to good instruction and professional exchange with the trainees.

The coolest thing for me is to see the sparkle and pride in the eyes of the boys and girls when they hold their miniature robot models in their hands, which they have made with all the craftsmanship they have learned.

Bianca Czichy, trainer, KUKA Robotics
"We did it": The trainees proudly present their miniature robot models – a confirmation of their work for trainer Bianca.
Bianca wants to help her "boys and girls" progress in this environment. "It makes me proud to see the trainees' progress. They learn a lot between workpiece one and work-piece five and take a huge step forward. It's great to see them develop so well in such a short space of time and it makes me proud." Bianca knows that the future of KUKA Robotics lies in training young, motivated people. All the better that she is passing on her enthusiasm for automation.
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