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KUKA robots enable new applications with C-arm X-ray systems

New flexibility in angiography

Today, robot systems are used in the medical sector to support doctors during operations, diagnosis or therapy. First and foremost, they impress with consistently high accuracy, flexibility and reliability. The state-of-the-art, robot-based angiography system “Artis Zeego” from Siemens Healthcare covers a broad spectrum of treatment methods for complex catheter-based interventions as well as in the new setting of the hybrid operating room.

Using x-ray technology and contrast medium, blood vessels are made visible during angiography. This imaging system enables everything from minimally invasive therapies for vascular alterations – typically abnormal constrictions (stenoses) or vascular deformations – to treatments for cancer patients. In the latter case, the blood vessels supplying the tumors can be displayed and selectively closed.

These methods of treatment make it possible to cure patients with only minimally invasive procedures and local anesthesia instead of exposing them to the risks associated with an open operation – not to mention the costs of such procedures. For highly complex operations in the hybrid operating room, this imaging system is used for therapy and final checks. The surgeon can thus ensure that the treatment has been successful, thereby avoiding the need for subsequent corrections and follow-up operations.

Robotic components enable flexible maneuverability

Thanks to its six rotational axes, the Artis zeego – which consists of robotic component technology from KUKA – achieves the flexible maneuverability necessary for use in complex clinical situations. With the Artis zeego, the examining physician can position the so-called C-arm freely and flexibly around the patient. The C-arm serves as a platform for the x-ray device and the detector for image generation.

The Artis zeego – which consists of KUKA component – excels through its flexible maneuverability.

Increase in precision and flexibility

The use of robot technology in medical applications for angiography systems was completely new in 2008. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, the patient can be optimally positioned on the operating table. A tilting of the table presents a challenge for conventional C-arm systems since the center of rotation for the C-arm cannot be shifted in all three dimensions. The use of a robot eliminates this limitation.

The tilt and height of the table can be adjusted to support the patient’s hemodynamics and provide the treating doctor or surgeon with optimal access to the operating area. This is a particular advantage during lengthy interventions in which the surgeon has to wear a heavy lead apron, as it enables the surgeon to work without fatigue and with maximum concentration.  

The system generates a high-quality, three-dimensional representation of the patient

The Artis zeego optimally meets the requirements of an operating room in a manner unmatched on the market. Thanks to the robotic flexibility, there is no disruption to the complex infrastructure of the operating room. The KUKA robot swivels into the operating area – without the need to remove the cables and hoses on the floor – and provides a high-quality, three-dimensional representation of the patient, similar to that produced by computer tomography (CT), capturing more of the human anatomy than was possible using all previous conventional angiography systems. The knowledge thus obtained enables immediate reaction to new situations or corrections to be carried out – thus granting the team flexibility and eliminating the need for follow-up operations.

Robotic components comply with the highest hygiene class requirements

Imaging in rooms of the highest hygiene class has only now been made possible by the robotic system, as the ceiling-mounted components do not affect the germ-free displacement air flow above the patient. For many hospitals, meticulous compliance with hygiene standards throughout the entire treatment chain is the most important measure against post-operative complications. The Artis zeego, with its integrated KUKA robot, supports this important requirement like no other C-arm system on the surgical and interventional imaging market.

With the Artis zeego, the treating doctor can position the C-arm flexibly all around the aptient.

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