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Denmark manager takes over as sales manager at KUKA Nordic

- "I have a great interest in digital platforms". KUKA Nordic has appointed a new sales manager. Kim Reeslev, Country Manager in Denmark, will take over responsibility for sales in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

15 December 2020

- I look forward to working even more closely with our end customers and system partners in the various countries, says Kim Reeslev.
Kim Reeslev, has been KUKA Nordic's Country Manager in Denmark since 2010 and is deeply familiar with the industry and the challenges and opportunities customers face.
- We are in an expansive phase of industrial history. It is an expansive digitalisation and it will be exciting to be involved and run the sales on a slightly broader front, says Kim Reeslev.
The trend towards industry 4.0 with smart manufacturers, the use of digital twins, etc. are things that fit him like a glove.
- Yes, I have a great interest in digital platforms. I have worked with Solutions for this for many years in the Danish market, he says.
Kim Reeslev himself has a background as an engineer.
Since 2019, he is also chairman of the Danish industry association DIRA (Danish Industrial Robot Association), which brings together over 200 companies focusing on robotics. It is about everything from the manufacture of robots to system integrators, researchers and companies that use robots.
Kim Reeslev, SalesManager Nordic & Baltic 
- A fun assignment that feels very honoring. One of my goals as chairman is to strengthen the collaboration between system integrators, manufacturers and researchers. There are big gains with that, he says.
Kim Reeslev takes over the job as sales manager after Joacim Lorentsson, who took a step up to the position of CEO of KUKA Nordic. He is very please with the choice of Kim Reeslev as successor. - A very good person. Kim has a strong commitment and a deep understanding of the development of the entire industry, he says.

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