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KUKA strengthens its position in Finland, Ostrobothnia- Norcar Automation is a new system partner

Finnish system integrator Norcar Automation - specializing in, among other things, assembly of products, packaging and machine service as well as logistics and transport - has entered into a system partner agreement with KUKA Nordic

1 October 2021

- Norcar Automation are the very skilled at building demanding high-tech robot systems; For example, various assembly applications with vision systems and complex peripherals and this type of skilled solution providers are needed everywhere in Finland. - It is a company that is known for strong competence and secure deliveries, we look forward to a closer collaboration with them, says Micael Amandusson, Channel Manager at KUKA Nordic. - Norcar has also worked with mobile platforms for many years and this is an area in addition to industrial robots where Norcar can offer broader solutions to its customers with the help of KUKA´s mobile platforms.
According to Kim Högkvist, sales manager at Norcar Automation, the company has for a long time been interested in KUKA as a potential supplier.- This is a really good match. We have previously delivered one of their robots with good results, and now some of our largest customers have chosen KUKA as a robot supplier, he says. For Norcar Automation, the closer relationship means several advantages. In addition to direct contact with KUKA Nordic's experts and product specialists, they are also invited to participate in KUKA's annual system partner days - where suppliers and customers meet to exchange knowledge, make contacts and do business.
KMP 600_KUKA Mobile Platform
- The collaboration means that we broaden our range and that we can deliver to more companies, which also supports our strategy for growth. Through the system partner agreement, Norcar Automation also receives continuous training in KUKA's products, plus ongoing access to updates and news. - This means that we will be at the forefront of KUKA's technology, says Kim Högkvist. The company is based in Nykarleby near the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, about ten mi-les by sea straight across from Umeå. They have 16 employees today, but hopefully soon more. They are part of the larger family-owned group Norcar-BSB, founded in 1979. Previously, Norcar Automation was a business unit within the Oy Norcar-BSB AB group, but last year they were spun off and became an independent company. Having a system partner in Ostrobothnia is important because it is always the case that a local connection contributes to knowledge and opportunities for both of us.According to Micael Amandusson, Channel Manager at KUKA Nordic, Norcar Automation is a company with extensive experience in delivering everything from standard products to complete production lines, including to quite tough and demanding environments. In addition to Finland, customers are also found in several other countries in Europe.

- We are looking forward to forging stronger ties with a very competent and skilled play-er in the industry, says Micael Amandusson.

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