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Even more flexible: KR CYBERTECH nano now available with KR C5 micro

Many KUKA customers who already successfully use in-line wrist robots from the KR CYBERTECH nano family wanted a system that worked directly with power from a wall outlet. Beginning in April 2022, the new KR CYBERTECH nano generation will run on the KR C5 micro robot controller for small robots.

14 January 2022

With outstanding precision in continuous-path motion, this new generation of KR CYBERTECH nano robots masters a wide variety of challenges, including PCB assembly, painting, bonding, machining and polishing, packaging and arc welding, Until now, these robots worked with the KR C5 S-Size controller, but beginning in April 2022 they will also run on the KR C5 micro with six installation positions, making them perfectly suited to a compact cell designs. The new combination, which can be ordered immediately, also enables robot operation with no transformer.

Transformerless flexible robot solution

The KR CYBERTECH nano family already is in high demand in the electronics industry, and also offers solutions for other sectors – for example, the food industry. “The demand for flexible robot solutions for the low payload category from 6 to 10 kg without a transformer is growing,” noted Markus Hollfelder-Asam, Portfolio Manager at KUKA. “With the KR C5 micro, a normal 220/230-volt socket is suitable for most target applications. This provides greater reliability and saves effort and money – for example, limiting infrastructure changes that otherwise would be necessary.”


Small, flexible, smart: The KR C5 micro supports current field bus standards for cell and line integration

Precise in any position

Thanks to its streamlined design and compact connection panel, the KR CYBERTECH nano requires less floor space and works in confined cells. The KR C5 micro controller also has reduced space requirements, with a 70% smaller design, a footprint more than 50% smaller than the KR C4 compact and a weight of only 9 kg, which allows for a wide range of installation possibilities. “The KR CYBERTECH nano fits into any installation position – such as floor, ceiling and wall – and does so at any angle,” explained Hollfelder-Asam. “The controller follows suit, allowing various cabinet, rack and stand-alone installation positions – with up to six different installation positions possible with the KR C5 micro.”
Streamlined design: The handling robot has one of the smallest in-line wrists in its class 
Bundle the KR C5 micro small robot controller and the KR CYBERTECH nano family to open up more flexibility

Save a lot of energy, compromise little on performance

The KR C5 micro features an energy-optimized servo controller design. Its energy-saving mode reduces consumption by more than 50% compared to the KR C4 compact. With the same hole patterns, footprint, flange and axis installation positions as the previous generation of the KR CYBERTECH nano, it's easy to move to the new technology. Markus Hollfelder-Asam pointed out that the switch to the smaller controller entails a small difference in robot characteristics, axis velocity and acceleration. “With a large number of KR CYBERTECH nano applications, however, we see only minor reductions in performance in applications with the KR C5 micro,” said Hollfelder-Asam. “The new combination, however, can do everything its predecessor did on the KR C4 compact – and often even a little more – and this makes it very attractive in a wide range of applications.”

‘Exactly what the market ordered’

KUKA recommends the combination with the KR C5 S-Size only for customers who already operate at top performance ratings and want to take full advantage of dynamic mode. The KR C5 micro and KR CYBERTECH nano bundle became available for pre-order on 15 January 2022. Markus Hollfelder-Asam underscored the point: “This combination is exactly what the market ordered. It has many advantages, is very useful in a confined installation space and can be used with greater flexibility.”