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Transformation of Nordic Automotive - an advantage for KUKA. 

For KUKA, the ongoing transformation in the automotive industry is a development that is playing into their hands. 

28 February 2022

Transformation of Nordic Automotive
The German automation company has extensive experience in the European automotive industry and with system solutions that match the technology challenges of electromobility production. In addition, they have built up a Nordic TechCenter.
- We have the expertise needed within KUKA, says Peter Ljungberg, Global Key Account Manager for Automotive at KUKA Nordic.
Process Technologhy
The company masters the entire chain in the process technology that electrification requires. Already at an early stage of product development, KUKA Nordic can assist with knowledge. 
- It is our ambition to be high up in the value chain, and we are also happy to help with prototype development and manufacturing, says Peter Ljungberg. In recent years, the company has seen how demand in the Nordic market has increased. An underlying factor is the accelerating electrification of the Automotive industry, a segment in which KUKA has a great deal of expertise, and also a sector in which the Nordic region is at the forefront.
KUKA’s range of services in the field of intelligent automation for electromobility
More than Robots
The company has a number of proven process solutions for things such as battery manufacturing, manufacturing of lightweight bodies, manufacturing of components and more. Among other things, we have extensive experience of building applications for friction welding, a technology that is in demand in battery manufacturing. We have delivered various solutions to several battery factories and have a number of additional inquiries from that segment. This is one of the fastest growing markets for KUKA in Sweden. With more than a hundred years of experience from German industry in general, and its automotive industry in particular, KUKA is today a global supplier of automation.
- Today we are growing in the Nordic region. Both 2020 and 2021 has gone very well, says Peter Ljungberg.
The increasing automation in the industry is increasing the demand for our products. Robotization has also gained traction from the vulnerability experienced by manufacturing companies when supply chains from Asia ceased to function during the initial phase of the pandemic. It made many companies to start thinking in terms of bringing production home to Europe. - For it to be profitable, automation is crucial, says Peter Ljungberg.
With its Nordic TechCenter, based in Gothenburg, KUKA can support its customers in a comprehensive way. The company has extensive expertise in the manufacturing processes for electromobility. 
Peter Ljungberg, Global Key Account Manager for Automotive at KUKA Nordic.
According to Peter Ljungberg, KUKA has a decisive strength in the market. The company not only sells robots, but can deliver the entire system and is happy to go through a development process with customers. They also have competitive software and their own, attractive solutions. One example is our Virtual Commissioning software that effectively simplifies the planning phase for new automation applications. Our local presence with expertise on site is appreciated. If needed, we can also contribute with experts from the head office in Germany, we have an organization with a strong global presence. With regard to the automotive industry in general, he believes that it is undergoing a very rapid development process. This is especially true in Sweden, where customers are investing in both battery factories and new foundries. The Swedish manufacturers of vehicles are investing heavily in electric mobility, and developments in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region are resonating abroad. - When I talk to my customers in Germany, they say that "Nordic rocks". I can only agree, says Peter Ljungberg.

Solutions packaged in expertise
Now KUKA Nordic sees how the industry in this part of the world discovers their strengths when it comes to delivering systems and complete solutions, packaged in competence, service and proximity to the customer. - We have a number of inquiries from both leading OEMs and important subcontractors. Our market position has been significantly strengthened, and what is happening in battery manufacturing further strengthens us, says Peter Ljungberg. KUKA is so much "more than robots".

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