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Robots for the people – a success story for KUKA Nordic– strong growth in 2022 and a positive outlook for 2023

Business is going well for KUKA Nordic and, to help it achieve its Robots for the People ambition, the company will be holding monthly KUKA.Sim software training courses starting next year.“KUKA.Sim is a software product that greatly facilitates the work of a system integrator,” says Micael Amandusson, Channel Manager at KUKA Nordic, who looks back on a very successful year for the company.

16 January 2023

The simulation tool courses will be held online.

Micael Amandusson says, “We have designed a two-day training programme”. According to Amandusson, KUKA.Sim 4.1 software is at the forefront of the industry. It enables a complete robotic cell to be designed on a laptop, with the correct layout from the factory where it will be used. “It is also possible to add simulations of other equipment with which the cell will interact”. As part of the upcoming training courses, Amandusson will be presenting the programme and demonstrating useful tips, tricks and techniques. 
The goal of the course is to get participants up and running quickly with KUKA.Sim. It is designed to cover more or less everything they need to know to start working with the software as soon as they return to their desks. “Overall it is very good value, user-friendly software that saves time, makes work more efficient and sharpens the competitive edge of our customers,” says Micael Amandusson, who describes 2022 as a successful year for KUKA Nordic. “Sales have been very strong,” he says. 
KUKA.Sim 4.1 software is at the forefront of the industry. 

2022 - a strong year for KUKA Nordic

The company’s CEO Joacim Lorentsson is also pleased about the success of the business. “I can say without doubt that it has been a remarkable year, with growth reaching an all-time high. Although KUKA has a major international presence, it has long been something of an unknown entity in the Nordic market.  “However, more and more companies are now discovering the advantages that we offer, particularly our highly advanced software and digital solutions,” he says. The company’s outlook for 2023 is good. According to Joacim Lorentsson, business is expected to be as strong as in 2022. The driving force behind the success of the business is the transition to alternative automotive fuels, combined with a tone-setting trend towards industrial automation. KUKA has also benefitted by establishing a position early on in electric car manufacturing at a high level. 
“This quickly propelled us into the sector. Today we are engaged in numerous transition-related projects. From electric vehicles and battery factories, to wind power and hydrogen gas projects and much more,” says Joacim Lorentsson. 

More about the options provided by KUKA.Sim 4.1

• Available on contract at a very affordable price. 
• Has an add-on for arc welding. 
• Can be extended with an addition to build up a library of configurable objects with specified kinematics, etc.  
• Enables optimisation in a computer environment. 
• Simulates emergency shutdowns and sees exactly how much the robot moves afterwards.
• Creates Factory Acceptance Tests directly on a laptop. 

I can say without doubt that it has been a remarkable year, with growth reaching an all-time high

Jocaim Lorentsson, CEO KUKA Nordic AB