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Machine tending

From 3 kg to 1,300 kg – KUKA can supply the ideal robot for automated machine tending for any payload. Our configuration robots are geared towards precision, simple integration and handling. If you have any questions, our Customer Service team is on hand to assist you 24/7. 

What does automated machine tending with KUKA mean?

The process of loading and unloading CNC machines in production environments places high demands on precision and concentration, with the same motions being performed every time. At the same time, the prevalence of these monotonous tasks is compounded by a growing shortage of skilled workers in companies.

With robots, the time-consuming process of configuring milling, turning or grinding machines is easily automated and extended to a more cost-effective 24/7 operation. KUKA’s extensive portfolio of over 300 robot types enables operators to have a small footprint in any production environment and a high level of repeatability. Be it cobots, mobile robotics (AMR) or robots for high payloads – all configuration robots comply with protection class IP67 or IP54. We offer certified cleanroom robots for the electronics industry.

KUKA configuration robots deployed in a range of customer applications

Machine configuration in limited space with two integrated pallet systems at Rosenbauer

Pallet and parts handling on a CNC milling machine at gearbox manufacturing company Zimm

Fully automated tool changing process using an intermediate storage unit from the machine works company Heller

Reproducing applications for machine loading in a product-specific manner at Paul Horn

A low-cost way to enter the world of automation: fast cycle times with the MAIROFlex iisy

Machine configuration with a mobile robotic cell at Dannoritzer Medizintechnik

What are the advantages of automated machine tending with KUKA?

With our experience, high degree of innovation and excellent service, we take loading and unloading automation systems for manufacturers to a new level.

  • Broad portfolio

    • Over 300 types of robots 
    • Payloads from 3 kg - 1,300 kg
    • A variety of reaches
    • Space-saving models for a small footprint
    • Configuration robots for cleanrooms or humid and dirty environments
    • Protection classes IP67 and IP54
    More about the robot portfolio
  • KUKA autonomous mobile Cobot Workpiece transport

    Flexible with mobile robotics

    • Autonomous mobile robots and mobile platforms
    • Safe collaboration thanks to HRC-compatible solutions
    • Fleet management of the entire AMR fleet
    • Omni-directional and differential drive 
    • Easily adaptable path planning
    More about mobile robotics
  • Simple commissioning

    • Simple integration of robotics into the existing production environment
    • Swift adaptation to new tasks
    • Easy programming through drag-and-drop
    • Smart simulation through digital twin
    • Robot operation using ergonomic smartPAD
    More about the software
  • KUKA speed

    Outstanding service

    • 24/7 support and very quick response times
    • Service the world over with offices in more than 50 countries
    • Performance of feasibility studies
    • Global network of qualified system partners
    • Training for every need
    More about KUKA Service

Want to automate your machine tending processes?

We can provide you with personalized advice on all applications relating to the configuration of your CNC machines. You can use the my.KUKA customer portal to purchase products, order spare parts or access the KUKA Xpert knowledge database.

Precise configuration robots for loading and unloading

Our portfolio offers companies robotics and accessories for every individual automation requirement. All products guarantee maximum accuracy as well as the reproducibility of the applications – and, as a result, increased productivity through faster cycle times and a low reject rate. Expand the workspace of your system even more with the KUKA linear units, which are seamlessly integrated into your process.

Autonomous mobile robots meet the requirements of intralogistics and production.

AMR solutions

Mobile robotics is impressive due to its safety and flexibility, even in complex production environments. You can plan the paths between your machine tools quickly and individually.

Brochure on machine tool automation

Our brochure shows you the advantages of automating machine tools.

Learn more about simple start-up procedures, additional software for quick application configuration, integration of configuration robots and our digital infrastructure.

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