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KUKA MixedReality Assistant

The future of robot operation

With KUKA MixedReality, we are now providing the first option package of mixed reality software. It enables the user to visualize the protective and work spaces during the initial commissioning of a cell to identify and eliminate potential hazards at an early stage, even before the robot physically starts work. This not only makes commissioning safer, it also happens much faster than before, benefiting customers of all levels of automation experience.

This is made possible by the use of augmented reality - the linking of the virtual world with the real world. This technology enables the user to enrich the real environment of the robot cell with digital information or visualizations. This is displayed via a mobile terminal, such as a standard smartphone or tablet.

KUKA.MixedReality Safe. But what's inside, in the first option package of KUKA.MixedReality, or how can customers enjoy even faster visualization of their safety configuration? In order to use KUKA.MixedReality Safe 1.0, it is necessary to install our software package KUKA.SafeOperation. This is possible via our engineering suite KUKA.WorkVisual or directly on the robot controller and is compatible with all operating systems from KSS 8.6 or newer. The mobile app KUKA.MixedReality Assistant is at the heart of this, and can currently be installed on mobile end devices with the operating system Android 12.0 or newer. In a next expansion step, the mobile app will also be available in Google's Play Store and via the Apple App Store.


  • Time saving

    Faster optimization of safety during commissioning

  • Risk reduction

    Find errors in the safety room configuration easily


  • Efficiency increase

    Visualization of abstract information for user-friendly training and faster learning


KUKA.MixedReality Safe 1.0. Display your protective and work spaces directly in the cell and check them at a glance. Check the monitored safety spheres on the robot in the same way.