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Clamping metal sheets with the KS FlexRoller for laser machining

Laser-friendly clamping is an important precondition for process-optimized joining of sheet-metal components. Here the KS FlexRoller exploits its particular strengths to the full: it ensures that thin sheets are clamped without a gap and that the focal length is kept constant.

Process-optimized clamping is particularly important in the case of thin sheets. For this special application, we have developed the KS FlexRoller, which ensures that the sheets are positioned next to each other without a gap. In this way, the required quality and strength of the weld are achieved. A sophisticated pneumatic system enables the pressing force of the KS FlexRoller to be freely programmed within a range from zero to 1,000 newtons. Integration of the welding optics into the pressure element means that the focal length, which is so important for laser welding, is kept constant. In addition to the basic version, KUKA also offers many configured solutions that can be used with laser technology.

KS FlexRoller: Facts and figures

Part thicknesses

> 3 mm

Pressing force

0 to 1000 N (freely programmable)

Weight  ≈ 28 kg
Roller diameter  50 to 140 mm
Beam sources

 Flexible (CO2 laser or solid-state laser)

Focal lengths
 Flexibly configurable, depending on the specific task.

Advantages of the KS FlexRoller

Gap-free clamping

The KS FlexRoller was designed in such a way that the metal sheets are pressed together without a gap in the area to be welded. At the same time, the focal length is kept constant.

Special alloy of the pressure roller

The alloy makes the KS FlexRoller particularly resistant to wear and heat. It also ensures that weld spatter sticks less than conventional materials.

Virtually hysteresis-free process

The pressing force is generated by special pneumatic cylinders. The pressing motion, or compensation motion, thus has little lasting effect.

Sensitive pressing forces

If particular sensitivity is required, a servomotor-driven pressure module generates the correspondingly low pressing force.

Available additional modules

You wish to implement special requirements? Thanks to its open design, you are fully free to configure your KS FlexRoller as you require. With the function modules that can be integrated, it can be optimally incorporated into your process. Select the modules that match your task:

  • Seam tracking sensor
  • Additional wire feed
  • Light-section sensor for part location
  • Shielding gas supply (one side / two sides)
  • Crossjet
  • Pressure roller (of variable size and/or undockable)
  • Backup roller (with linear travel and undockable)
  • Pneumatic or servomotor-driven pressure module

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