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KR 40 PA

The KR 40 PA is our smallest and lightest palletizing robot. Achieve the highest levels of speed and precision with our industrial robot designed specially for palletizing tasks – ideal for stacking Euro pallets.

The KR 40 PA picks and packs your goods in record time. It can palletize loads with a weight of up to 40 kilograms and reach net stacking heights of up to 1.8 meters; all in a very small space. Cycle times are shortened significantly thanks to its low weight. 

40 - 40 Sarcină utilă [kg]

2091 - 2091 Rază de acțiune [mm]


Fast and precise

The KR 40 PA has been optimized specifically for palletizing tasks. It has a working speed of up to 56 cycles per minute and guarantees the utmost precision.


The KR 40 PA has a minimized interference contour due to its narrow base frame and small footprint. The robot saves even more space thanks to its integrated energy supply system.

Incredibly efficient

The KR 40 PA stands out due to its outstanding reach of up to 2,091 millimeters. Its four-axis kinematic system enables pallets to be stacked to a height of 1.8 meters.

A top performer at all times

Each and every component in the KR 40 PA ensures maximum ease of servicing and low-wear functionality. In this way, we are able to keep maintenance outlay to a minimum.

KR 40 PA (4 axe) - date tehnice

Sarcină totală
Rază de acțiune maximă [mm]
Versiunea mediului
KR 40 PA
Sarcină totală
40 kg
Rază de acțiune maximă [mm]
2091 mm
Versiunea mediului
  • Sarcină totală 40 kg
  • Rază de acțiune maximă [mm] 2091 mm
  • Tipul construcției Palletizing Robots
  • Versiunea mediului Standard
  • Poziții de montare Podea
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