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The KR CYBERTECH nano ARC product family is optimized for continuous-path applications such as arc welding and the application of adhesives and sealants. The industrial robots offer ideal performance combined with a high power density – for maximum economy at low cost.

Cost-effective, flexible robots for applications such as arc welding, adhesive bonding application or laser cutting

With their new controller structures, the industrial robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC family have extremely high path accuracy and speed. The acceleration values and the new ergonomic design with minimized disruptive contours ensure continuous-path motion at the very highest level – even deep inside the workpieces. With very fine payload intervals of 6 and 8 kilograms, you will find the ideal robot model for your application.
  • Any installation position

    The robot can be floor-, wall- or ceiling-mounted or even installed at a certain angle – exactly in line with your requirements.
  • Software add-ons

    With digital Motion Modes, you can simply adapt the performance of the robot via the robot controller – e.g. for optimized precision or speed
  • Reduction of your TCO

    The long service life and maintenance-free axes 4-6 sustainably reduce your TCO.

  • Suitable for compact cells

    With a compact design and small footprint, the robots ensure optimal utilization of the space in robotic cells.

6 - 8 Sarcină utilă [kg]

1421 - 1843 Rază de acțiune [mm]


Maximum precision

With their repeatability of 0.04 millimeters, the KR CYBERTECH ARC nano robots work extremely exactly and precisely even at high speed.

New KUKA hollow wrist

The 50-millimeter hollow-shaft wrist is a future-oriented innovation: the hollow axis allows reduced main axis motion with short cycle times and utmost precision of movement.

ESD protection

As standard, the robot is protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging and is thus equipped for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.

Simplified integration

Thanks to standardized mounting surfaces, the robot is easily integrated into existing production lines and allows the uncomplicated mounting of welding equipment.

High flexibility

The use of modern KUKA controllers facilitates the integration of external axes.

Maximum freedom

The KR CYBERTECH ARC nano robots have a large workspace to the rear and a long downward reach. This enables them to open up previously inaccessible workspaces.

Streamlined compactness

The industrial robots are particularly light, highly streamlined and exceedingly compact. They deliver maximum performance with minimal disruptive contours.

Extremely fast, uncompromisingly precise continuous-path motion: the hollow-shaft robot impresses with maximum performance at minimum cost. 

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KR CYBERTECH nano ARC Prezentarea generală a datelor

KR 6 R1840-2 arc HW KR 8 R1420 arc HW KR 8 R1440-2 arc HW KR 8 R1620 arc HW KR 8 R1640-2 arc HW
Sarcină utilă
6 kg
8 kg
8 kg
8 kg
8 kg
Rază de acțiune maximă [mm]
1843 mm
1421 mm
1441 mm
1621 mm
1641 mm
Tipul construcției
Hollow Wrist
Hollow Wrist
Hollow Wrist
Hollow Wrist
Hollow Wrist
Versiunea mediului
Poziții de montare
Perete, Podea, Tavan, Unghi
Perete, Podea, Tavan, Unghi
Perete, Podea, Tavan, Unghi
Perete, Podea, Tavan, Unghi
Perete, Podea, Tavan, Unghi
Clasă de protecție
IP 54, IP 65
IP 54
IP 54, IP 65
IP 54
IP 54, IP 65
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