KUKA.SystemSoftware – KSS for short – is the operating system and thus the heart of the robot controller. It contains all the basic functions that are required for operating the robot system. The software can be conveniently operated using the KUKA smartPAD.

Functional principle of KUKA.SystemSoftware

KUKA.SystemSoftware contains all the basic functions such as path planning or I/O management. In addition, further advanced functions are integrated into KUKA.SystemSoftware. This offers you a wide range of options for robot programming.

Your advantage: Programming can be checked immediately with the KUKA smartPAD through easy operator control. Conveniently execute all functions and programming steps with the robot and the workpiece directly in view.

The user-friendly structure of KUKA.SystemSoftware is based on Windows and ensures intuitive operation. Furthermore, the range of functions can be expanded any time using the compatible interfaces. This allows you to expand and adapt the system to your requirements, for example, by installing additional software packages containing application-specific instructions and configurations. 

Overview of the basic functions

  • Programming at different skill levels possible: from simple programming and inline forms through to expert programming in KRL (KUKA Robot Language)
  • Field bus configuration and I/O mapping for various field buses (Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, ProfiSAFE, CIP Safety and FSoE)
  • Multilingual user interface: up to 26 languages are available for selection in the KUKA.SystemSoftware user interface
  • Flexible configuration of auxiliary drives and/or customer kinematic systems: operation of asynchronous, infinitely rotating or force-controlled external axes and master/slave drives in a group
  • Image-based backup solutions through KUKA.Recovery 
  • Up to eight cyclical robot interpreters running in parallel, which allow customer-specific programming for control tasks that are not time-critical. For KSS 8.3 or higher, optionally available through KUKA.MultiSubmitInterpreter and for KSS 8.5 or higher, available as a standard function.

  • Server-triggered, project-based backups of the system configuration through the integrated backup manager.

Optional functions

  • Cooperating robots both with regard to the shared workspace and in the form of load sharing between several robots via KUKA.RoboTeam
  • TCP/IP data communication with KUKA.EthernetKRL
  • Real-time sensor connection/communication via KUKA.RobotSensorInterface
  • Protection of the controller against malware through the KUKA.Ikarus antivirus solution or the KUKA.CPC whitelisting procedure.
  • Advanced robot monitoring and assurance of system security through the safe definition of the workspace, switchable workspaces/protected spaces using safe technology, switchable safe tools using safe technology and further monitoring features adapted to the actual requirements through KUKA.SafeOperation, KUKA.SafeRangeMonitoring or KUKA.SafeSingleBrake
  • Know-how protection of KUKA.SystemSoftware through the encryption of function modules using KUKA.EncryptionTool
  • Advanced modes of user administration for the use of USB sticks as a key medium or connection to external systems such as Euchner keys via KUKA.Userkey 
  • Integrated deterministic Soft PLC to expand basic functionality, with all the advantages of access to the I/O system and the existing system through KUKA.ProConOS
  • Customer-defined program modules. KUKA integrators can expand the library of available KUKA inline forms according to customer requirements by using KUKA.UserTech technology.

Engineering functions of KUKA.SystemSoftware

  • Configuration of the controller using database and catalog-based projects – created using KUKA.WorkVisual
  • Integrated interface in KUKA.WorkVisual to KUKA.Multiprog – the engineering environment of KUKA.ProConOS Soft PLC. 
  • Load data determination for real tool attachments via KUKA.LoadDataDetermination 
  • Simulation of complete robot cells via KUKA.Sim  
  • Virtual robot controller available with KUKA.OfficeLite 
  • Creation of your own customer-specific software packages using KUKA.OptionPackageEditor
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