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KUKA ready2_arc

With the ready2_arc package, KUKA makes it easier to integrate robots for welding applications. Born from decades of deep experience and know-how in robotic welding, ready2_arc results in fast and efficient installation, thereby reducing time to start of production.

Flexible arc welding packages, suitable for all major power supplies

With ready2_arc, KUKA offers fully dressed and tested arc welding packages by leveraging its long experience in welding and automated welding packages. Furthermore, the in-depth cooperation between KUKA and leading power source suppliers meets the increasing complexity and customer demands in a wide variety of industries such as Tier 1, Automotive and General Industry.

Robot welding with ready2_arc package - the advantages

  • Ease of use. Tested setup to enable efficient welding machine performance.
  • Individual packages. Matching specific requirements of different welding machine suppliers in local markets.
  • One-stop-shopping. Reduced complexity, enabling fast integration.
Preconfigured arc welding automation for the metal industry

The components of KUKA ready2_arc

  • Welding machine
  • Wire feeder
  • Torch
  • Cables and all necessary adapters
  • Cleaning station (optional)
  • And further options available for the entire KR CYBERTECH family as well as KR 30 L16 and KR AGILUS 


KUKA ready2_arc is a powerful package for the use and integration of KUKA robots in a welding process. It does not matter which welding machine is used, the solution is available for (almost) every manufacturer.