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KMR iiwa

The autonomous LBR iiwa robot is HRC-capable and mobile. It combines the strengths of the sensitive LBR iiwa lightweight robot with those of a mobile, autonomous platform. The KMR iiwa is location-independent and highly flexible – the perfect basis for meeting the requirements of Industrie 4.0.

KMR iiwa: autonomous and extremely flexible

KMR stands for KUKA Mobile Robotics. The KMR iiwa is a combination of the sensitive LBR iiwa lightweight robot and a mobile, flexible platform. As the name and the individual components already suggest, the KMR iiwa stands out with its high degree of mobility and flexibility.

Manufacturing processes are changing constantly. This is why mobile robot systems must be very adaptable. Maximum mobility and autonomous working methods optimize your production significantly.

KMR iiwa
Safe HRC thanks to the seven joint torque sensors of the LBR iiwa and the laser scanners on the platform.

Advantages of the KMR iiwa

Combinable: design your individual turnkey system solution. The modular KMR iiwa system offers numerous combinations of robot technology, mobile platforms and industrial components.

Sensitive: seven special joint torque sensors on each axis of the LBR iiwa lightweight robot make it highly sensitive to its environment. It navigates safely and without protective fencing – external contact will cause it to stop immediately.

Autonomous: thanks to the laser scanners, the mobile platform too can navigate fully autonomously. It monitors its environment. And it reacts immediately if a person or object is in the way.

Agile: specially developed Mecanum wheels allow the mobile platform to move omnidirectionally and execute 360-degree rotations. A wheel consists of several rollers that are each aligned at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the axle. This top-notch maneuverability shortens throughput times and reduces idle times in the manufacturing process.

Precise: the KMR iiwa achieves a positioning accuracy of up to +/- 5 millimeter, even in the tightest spaces.

Intelligent: with KUKA.Navigation Solution, the KMR iiwa can reliably move around obstacles and look for a new route.

Independent: the vehicle and robot are supplied directly with power from Li-ion batteries.

Easy to operate: KUKA Sunrise.OS and Sunrise controller for the vehicle and robot, makes it easy for you to operate and use the KMR iiwa.

Here, the autonomous KMR iiwa robot is supplying parts to a workstation: 

The KMR iiwa navigates autonomously and does not require safety fencing.

Solution for autonomous platforms: KUKA.Navigation Solution

KUKA.NavigationSolution is our navigation solution for autonomously navigating vehicles. Whether navigation, control, management or monitoring: our navigation solution covers all mobility requirements.

Using the SLAM method – which is an acronym for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping – the platform is able to pinpoint its location in real time on a map of its environment created from the data of the safety laser scanners and wheel sensors.

The KUKA Sunrise.OS system software is used for the KUKA KMR iiwa. This software is tailor-made to operate lightweight robots and offers functions for programming, planning and configuring lightweight robot applications.