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A machine builder's testimonial on the use of KUKA.Sim

KUKA.Sim is a powerful tool that makes it easy to prepare, validate and present an automation project. Read a user's testimonial and discover all the advantages of the simulation software. 

Need to simulate automation projects 

"KUKA.Sim is a tool that will serve us well in the future," says Amaury Claudin, project manager at CREI, a manufacturer of industrial machinery. Working in the mechanical design office, Amaury is required to work on his customers' projects from the receipt of the specifications to the design and commissioning of the solution. He became interested in the KUKA.Sim simulation software to check that the results of his studies were in line with the needs of the project.

Training to use KUKA.Sim

As a novice to the tool, Amaury first downloaded the free trial of the software. After a few days of practice, he decided to take part in the full KUKA.College training to fully benefit from all the advantages of KUKA.Sim. "It went really well," he says of the availability of the training sessions, which take place both in person and remotely. He was able to test his knowledge directly on the demo version before activating the full one-year license. 

KUKA robot simulation

Use of the simulation software & features

The application was immediate, both on his own projects and in helping other colleagues. Simulate an automation project before its realization allows to validate the choice of the robot, its implementation and the absence of collision with its environment. Armaury was also able to reassure its customer by providing a cycle time corresponding to the specifications. 

"The simulation reassures everyone: the robot knows how to go everywhere and in the allotted time, which is reassuring and attractive," says Amaury. Indeed, KUKA.Sim is not only a technical tool but also a presentation tool. The design office can use the simulation software as a presentation tool for feasibility studies. 

KUKA.Sim is also a polyvalent software and corresponds to several profiles: "It is not my job, but a robotician will be able to use the programming part". Thus, programming can be done directly from the simulation to save time and the trajectories can be easily imported into the robot.  

I totally recommend KUKA.Sim! It's primordial because you can detect problems that can incur important costs if you are wrong.

Amaury Claudin, Business Manager at CREI