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KMP 3000P

The autonomous mobile platform transports the heavyweights in intralogistics. It can carry up to three tons and moves omnidirectionally in space. Thanks to its new inductive charging concept, the KMP 3000P is ready for operation around the clock. Integrated 3D cameras and laser scanners ensure the flexibility and safety when working with humans.

Collaborative AMR platform for efficient material flow

So halten Sie Ihre Intralogistik immer am Laufen: 3 Tonne Traglast können mit der KMP 3000P autonom und zielsicher transportiert werden.

KMP 3000P keeps every production in constant motion

The autonomous mobile platform is operational 24/7 thanks to its inductive charging concept. The platform can be charged both at central charging stations and decentrally at the workstations - i.e. during the process.

With the ability to move up to 3 tons, it offers a wide range of possible applications. Whether it is used for material supply in production, process interlinking without conveyor belts or classic point-to-point transportation, the KMP 3000P masters the transportation of large, unwieldy and heavy components effortlessly. It benefits from its compact dimensions of 2200 x 1200 x 370 mm.

Transport platform in use: Advantages

  • Highly economical

    • Inexpensive to purchase
    • Simple and cost-effective maintenance
    • Optimized AMR fleet thanks to innovative charging technology
    • Fast and cost-efficient integration thanks to "no-code" fleet management
  • High flexibility

    • Omnidirectional driving for use in tight spaces
    • Navigation possible with SLAM, QR code or a combination of both
    • Load capacity of up to 6 t can be extended by "load sharing"
    • Electric lifting system
  • Modern battery technology

    • Increased safety thanks to lithium iron phosphate battery
    • Charging power: 3,000 watts
    • Operating time: 6-8 hours
    • 24/7 operation is possible thanks to inductive charging
    • Less than 2 hours charging time (10-90%)
  • Maximum safety

    • Advanced sensor technology for collision detection guarantees 360° protection
    • IP 54 protection class for the entire vehicle (protection against splash water, dust, chips)
    • CE, UL and FCC approval for the IoT devices

KMP 3000P: Outstanding performance in detail

Smart navigation: versatile & simple

  • SLAM navigation via laser scanner
  • QR code navigation via 3D cameras on the underside of the platform
  • Innovative omnidirectional wheel technology
  • Easy integration, operation and maintenance thanks to intelligent fleet management
  • Simple manual control
  • VDA/VDMA-5050 interface for easy integration into 3rd party fleet management solutions

Highest safety standards

  • 2x laser scanners at the front and rear for reliable obstacle detection
  • 4x 3D cameras on all 4 sides detect obstacles in 3D, which additionally ensures the safety of the platform and load
  • 6x emergency stop switches (at each corner of the platform)
  • Bumper bar around the vehicle
  • Acoustic and visual signals
  • Camera for QR code truck recognition

Intelligent charging management

  • Inductive charging with charging pad at the bottom of the transport platform
  • Wear-free charging in the process
  • When the battery is low, the platform is automatically navigated to a free charging station
  • No installation of a special power supply required as it is single-phase

Proven excellence

  • High load capacity: up to 3000 kg, optional extension up to 6000 kg
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 15 mm, ± 1° (SLAM);
    ± 5 mm, ± 0,5° (QR-Code)
  • Max. Speed: 1.2 m/s without payload; 1.0 m/s with payload
  • Integrated lifting devices:
    Lifting height: 100 mm
    Lifting speed: 30 mm/s
  • Turning radius on the spot: 1,3 m

Are you interested in integrating autonomous mobile robots into your processes?

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