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KUKA Mission 2030

KUKA Mission 2030

By providing intuitive and intelligent automation solutions, KUKA will support manufacturing companies of any size to meet tomorrow’s requirements.

Shaping the future of automation

Within the next decade, a growing number of people around the world will be working with robots. Automation is one of the most important megatrends of our time – finding its way into more and more areas, presenting more and more people with the opportunity – and the challenge – of automating workflows. 

Making easy automation available for everyone

Mission 2030 focuses KUKA’s efforts to meet these worldwide shifts with its global network and expertise in robotics combined with flexible, data-driven automation solutions. Bringing industrial intelligence to every corner of the planet and providing easy access to robot-based automation, that is KUKA’s goal – not only improving the experience of automation for those who are already experts, but allowing even inexperienced newcomers to benefit from intuitive implementation and simple operation of automation solutions. 

KUKA Group – focus on the future

With its deep competencies and innovative power – from robotics, to automation, to intralogistics, to medication management – KUKA offers its customers a wide range of intelligent automation solutions and services as well as innovations and new concepts that are easily scalable for customers.

KUKA Group – focus op de toekomst
KUKA Group is creating future automation – with digitally connected solutions systems.

Three times easy:
easy to set up, easy to operate, easy to extend

“Our mission until 2030: automation will be available to everyone – retaining the well-known KUKA power and reliability while being simpler and more intuitive at the same time. This will lower the entry threshold and allow new customers to grow into automation powerhouses themselves. Programming a robot will soon be as easy as working on a PC today,” says Peter Mohnen, CEO of KUKA Group. So at KUKA, the idea of easiness is guiding the whole process of creating automation solutions for a new era: from an easily accessible ecosystem for developers and end-users, to an easy setup, configuration programming and finally to an easy operation and use – all combined with readily available software and hardware components. It will be a modular, future-proof operating system with a simplified user experience creating an exceptional customer value: the iiQKA Ecosystem

Setting up productive partnerships

In a world that becomes increasingly digitalized and complex, solving tasks alone or in an efficient way becomes more and more difficult. For this very reason, KUKA is increasing its active memberships in various strategic alliances, as well as further strengthening and diversifying its network of partners. Partners whose broad expertise meets the needs of individual industries and who will, together with KUKA in a global automation community, shape the future of automation. Partners with whom KUKA is creating and developing the Ecosystem of the future – for experts in robotics and automation, but also for people who have never thought of using a robot before. Accompanying them all into the new world, reducing their costs and increasing their benefits – that is KUKA’s top priority, together with its renowned partners.

Future-proof: meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow

The coronavirus pandemic has changed supply chains, workflows and production processes. New technologies are helping the industry to adapt to this change in a sustainable way. Automation, robotics and digitalization are important elements for companies to develop a robust and resilient line-up for the future. Providing suitable solutions for its customers’ requirements, KUKA’s subsidiary Swisslog has already implemented several logistics projects for the Asian e-commerce giant Lazada. 


Peter Mohnen, CEO van KUKA AG

After the coronavirus pandemic, there will be a real push towards more automation, especially in logistics and healthcare, which will have a major impact in the medium term.

Peter Mohnen, CEO of KUKA AG




Holistic approach

An entire digital ecosystem will be created around KUKA’s robots, thus all new products will be equipped with the new operating system at some point. With an eye on tomorrow, KUKA offers its customers already today best-in-class products and solutions that have a both open and future-ready design.

Increased reshoring

Customers tend to buy products that are available most quickly and are highly customized. This requires new processes of networked production in smart factories. Thus, the simplification of the access to automation – made possible by KUKA – allows companies a cost-efficient and high-quality production in the vicinity of its consumers.

Added value

In times of global competition and digital transformation, the real added value no longer lies in a single product, but in digitally connected solution systems. Therefore, KUKA offers robotic components as well as access to a vast range of software solutions to handle the complexity that is key for the current and future needs of automation.

Long-term sustainability

As one of the leading global innovators, KUKA supports its customers in implementing smart production processes: with its cutting-edge automation solutions, KUKA contributes to simpler, faster and more efficient processes as well as reduced footprints – with the focus on sustainability as a holistic approach throughout the value chain. 
Wilfried Eberhardt, Chief Marketing Officer bij KUKA.

Robotics and automation are key today, as are digital concepts. KUKA is a pioneer in industrial automation and also offers the right platform for products, solutions and innovations related to the digitalized and sustainable production of the future

Wilfried Eberhardt, Chief Marketing Officer at KUKA.

Bringing future automation to new industries

The requirements for manufacturing companies from most fields are continuously increasing, making it necessary for them to deploy flexible production systems. The solution lies in automating production. So in the coming years, KUKA will contribute to providing easy automation for more and more industrial sectors.

Taking control of the future 

The relentless development in automation and robotics is already evident from current projects of the KUKA Group. These include major orders from the battery and e-mobility sectors, as well as the establishment of additional robot types in the portfolio, such as the KR SCARA and KR DELTA for small parts assembly, material handling and testing tasks. Also the complete area of Digital Services will come up with new software solutions and Microservices for single applications up to production plants. Furthermore, integrated AI applications are provided by Swisslog in the field of intralogistics. So, with KUKA Group’s comprehensive know-how and its variety of intelligent automation solutions, its customers will be able to remain in control of future challenges.

KUKA is klaar voor de toekomst
Ready for the future of automation: one of the most modern battery production systems, which KUKA realized together with Webasto. © Webasto_SE