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Plan and Select Services

From the initial idea to the finished concept – we will advise you on the selection, planning and simulation of robot systems, laying the foundations for successful automation.

Automation perfectly planned with KUKA know-how

From selecting the robot to simulation

If robot automation is to be successful, it is essential that you select the most suitable robot types and models and use the right technologies in your system. Our experts plan and test solution concepts through feasibility studies, prototype production and simulations, thus reducing risks and planning times.

We will support you during the system planning process with suitable service products so you can turn your automation idea and your requirements into a complete implementation concept in a short space of time, with little effort and cost.

Expert planning, suitable robot technology: The benefits for you

Take advantage of our planning services to optimize your automated production system. 

  • Reduced risks

    Reduce planning risks and avoid follow-up costs during redesign
  • Get off to a faster start

    Accurate simulations for rapid start-up and booting times
  • Greater reliability

    High production reliability and minimal downtimes, even in small robot cells 
  • Increasing revenues

    Greater growth through optimal use of automation technology

Customized services for planning and simulating your robot systems

The right robot and the matching technology

At our Application & Tech Centers around the world, KUKA gives you the opportunity to test the feasibility of automation projects. The appropriate components for your robot system undergo testing as part of the overall configuration and potential software add-ons are assessed. 

  • Application tests with application experts
  • Process validation with real-world technologies and robot systems
  • Documentation and profitability calculation
  • Programming for quick feasibility tests
  • Development of interfaces for KUKA's proprietary robot technology or for third-party products and systems
Even before the planning stage, we are able to ensure the right choice of components and examine critical application factors. This makes it possible to identify potential risks and define risk mitigation measures over the long term.

Customized integration of various system components

We will help you to develop software and interfaces for full integration of KUKA or third-party equipment.

  • Force Torque Control: Sensor and sensor technology integration for automation across your entire robot portfolio
  • Interfaces: Interfaces to 3rd party products, for example using KUKA EternetKRL or RSI
  • 2D/3D vision: Integration of 2D and 3D vision systems incl. feed system and conveyor
  • Special kinematics: Integration of special-purpose kinematics, motors or devices
We offer advice and support in setting up and integrating robots into existing production cells.

Digital twin of your production system

During the planning phase, simulation experts test the automation concept in a comprehensive 3D simulation using KUKA.Sim simulation software.

  • Layout & design of robot cells and complex systems
  • Testing the feasibility of individual robotics solutions
  • Accessibility simulation
  • Cycle time calculation, cycle time optimization
  • Offline programming
By modelling and simulating robot systems, it is possible to flexibly analyze and optimize their performance in various scenarios ahead of time. This approach significantly increases planning security.

Individual safety concepts for robots and systems

When planning or upgrading robot systems, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive safety concept that ensures that your employees are protected and that the system can be operated efficiently and profitably. From planning right through to ongoing operation, we will support you with comprehensive safety services in all project phases. 

  • Safety simulation: Simulation of the application in the planning phase
  • On-site visits to support your production system 
  • HRC safety concepts for safe collaboration between robots and employees
  • Documentation of the safety configuration and measurements
  • Developing the safety configurations of existing systems over time
KUKA Safety Services support you in ensuring the safety of employees and machines within your robot system.

The simulation covers the entire planning phase: from designing the process to visualizing material flows and bottlenecks right down to the PLC code

Capturing real processes in models and simulating them numerically are essential steps for integrating robots into production processes safely.

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