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KP1-MB single-axis modular rotary table

The KP1-MB modular rotary table enables the simple and flexible design of individual installations or turntables. It is available with a payload capacity of 2,000, 4,000 or 6,000 kilograms.

Advantages of the KP1-MB modular rotary table:

  • Big performer in a small space: 
    the KP1-MB has a particularly compact design. This provides you with greater spatial flexibility for designing your specific installations.

  • Central supply:
    an integrated hollow shaft in the center of the mounting platform allows you to route energy and fluid supply lines in a space-efficient manner. This gives you extra flexibility for your specific application.

  • Simple integration:
    standardized interfaces allow for quick and simple integration into your systems or cells.

  • High precision:
    with a pose repeatability of 0.0023°, the KP1-MB assures high-precision positioning of components and fixtures.

Comparison of the data and variants of the modular rotary table:

KP1-MB2000-2 HW KP1-MB3000-2 HW S KP1-MB4000-3 HW KP1-MB6000
Rated payload 2,000 kg 3,000 kg 4,000 kg 6,000 kg
Pose repeatability 0.0023° 0.0023° 0.0023° 0.0023°
Turning range +/– 185° +/– 180° +/– 185° +/– 185°
Turning time
(180° / 360°)
3.4 s / 6.0 s 2.15 s / 3.7 s 3.9 s / 6.9 s 4.2 s / 8.6 s

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