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KUKA ready2_educate

The mobile training cell is perfectly suited for entry into the world of robotics. The complete starter package is aimed especially at schools, universities and company training facilities.

Learn the basics in robotics with ready2_educate training cell

Companies are looking for employees with a professional knowledge in robotics. It is the task of the schools and universities to prepare their students in a qualitative way for the labour market. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task. With ready2_educate KUKA wants to support the schools and universities in order to make their students the robot specialists of tomorrow.

Join us as we unbox the KUKA ready2_educate training cell

What advantages does the KUKA training cell offer?

  • User-friendly

    • Preconfigured and ready for operation
    • Including example programs and exercises
    • Including a gripper and a range of workpieces
    • Access via two sliding windows
  • Flexible

    • Suitable for a variety of tasks
    • Varying levels of difficulty.
    • Scalable solution for minimizing initial investments
    • Interfaces to external systems possible
  • Agile

    • Supplementary application and option packages to adapt the cell to your level of training
    • Second application surface for individual tasks
  • Space-saving

    • Fits in any training room
    • Can be moved with a pallet truck
    • Fits through standard doorways and in typical passenger elevators
Exercises and levels of difficulty can be customized by reconfiguring the application components on the grid of the application plates

Custom-design hands-on robotic training

Overview of all expansion levels

You have the choice and can design your cell in many different ways, so that it meets your individual requirements. See the optional possibilities available to you through the following two training cells for an additional charge.

Options/training cell ready2_educate_KR4 ready2_educate_vp_KR4
(vision prepared)
Application package pro
Application package PLC
Application package Vision Not compatible
Drives ready lamp UL option
Load spreader plate option
Wave-shaped table option
smartPAD cable reel option
Media interface (HAN Modular) Not compatible Integrated

✔- optional, for an additional charge

Technical data for ready2_educate training cell

  • Robot: KR 4 AGILUS (payload 4 kg, reach 600 mm)
  • Power supply connection: AC 1x 200 V - 240 V
  • Compressed air:  6 - 8 bar
  • Weight: 390 kg
  • Height: 1860 mm
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Depth: 900 mm / 880 mm without installed safety sensors

Training materials package for your ready2_educate training cell

The training materials are aimed at instructors in schools, colleges, universities and training centers. They are tailored to the training application and enable quick entry into the topic.