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From superheroes and automated Christmas cards

The best from the KUKA social media world Exciting photos, business talk or SMS-style short messages: social media plays an important role in our everyday lives, but also increasingly in the world of work. KUKA has also been active on social media for many years – and recorded a real milestone in October: more than one million users follow the official KUKA channels. We’re celebrating – and showing you the most successful, unusual and funniest videos from the KUKA social media world.

Teresa Scheunert
December 15, 2021
Reading Time: 2 min.

Every day, KUKA provides people all over the world with exciting, funny or unusual stories about technologies, solutions and innovations via its official social media channels. “KUKA’s social media posts are viewed more than nine million times per month,” Gavin Hudson, social media expert at KUKA, tells us. “No other communication channel has anywhere near that kind of reach. Our social media audience here consists primarily of engineers who regularly work with KUKA robots.” But laypeople are also increasingly following the automation specialist’s content.
Here are some favorites of our followers:

1)What Iron Man has to do with KUKA

Hacksmith Industries wanted to know: Can you build your own robot like in the Hollywood movie Iron Man? He tried it with a KUKA robot. See if it worked in the video:

2) A legendary duel

An incredibly fast KUKA robot competes against one of the best table tennis players of all time: The KR AGILUS and Timo Boll engaged in an exciting video duel at the table tennis table. To celebrate the new factory in Shanghai, KUKA released “The Duel” in 2014 – with almost 14 million views, the most clicked KUKA film of all time:

3) Don't feel like writing Christmas cards? Here is the solution

Christmas is just around the corner – and with it the sending of contemplative cards to friends and family. One person didn’t feel like it at all: Influencer Simone Giertz. That’s why she gave the job to a robot without further ado. Here you can see what came out of it.

4) The evolution of robots

Mouser Electronics deals with the evolution of robots in the series Generation Robotics. And where better to follow this evolution than at KUKA? That’s why Grant Imahara, the star of the Discovery Channel series Myth Busters, came to Augsburg. Unfortunately, Imahara died suddenly last year, but his visit to KUKA remains unforgotten:
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