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The KMR QUANTEC is the mobile industrial robot system from KUKA. It moves your KUKA robot to the exact location needed – whether for the construction of ships, aircraft or wind turbines. Even very large components can be processed easily.

KMR QUANTEC: autonomous and precise

The KMR QUANTEC is the combination of KUKA robots, mobile platforms and other industry-standard components to form a complex, mobile robot system.

Variable components allow us to offer customized solutions – tailored exactly to your individual requirements. The number and position of the installed robots as well as the size and capacity of the platform and tools is variable.

The mobile KMR QUANTEC robot unit consists of the mobile KUKA omniMove platform, a KUKA robot of the KR QUANTEC series as well as software and a controller. The sophisticated navigation system KUKA Navigation Solution ensures autonomous maneuvering through the work area without risk of collision and without requiring floor markings.

Unrestricted mobility with the Mecanum wheel

The KMR QUANTEC can move omnidirectionally thanks to the special KUKA omniMove drive technology: each wheel consists of individual, barrel-shaped rollers. These are encapsulated by two fixed rims that do not touch the ground. Each wheel can move independently of the others. This means: the KMR QUANTEC can also move sideways, diagonally and even in a circle. As a result, it can be maneuvered safely and precisely even in the tightest spaces.

The KUKA Mobile Industrial Robot in action

Advantages of the KMR QUANTEC

Safe and controlled

The KMR QUANTEC can be used reliably in mobile operation thanks to the integrated software and control system. Maneuver the KMR QUANTEC into the desired position with millimeter precision. The mobile KUKA robot autonomously monitors its surroundings with the integrated laser scanners, allowing it to safely navigate past people and objects.

Mobile and independent

High-performance batteries ensure that the platform does not require external power. With its industry-standard wireless technology, the KMR QUANTEC is able to move about its work area free of restrictive cabling.

Multi-functional and powerful

The mobile KUKA omniMove platform has a standard payload capacity of 7,000 kilograms. The integrated robot is a KR QUANTEC 150 R3300 prime with a payload capacity of 150 kilograms and a reach of 3,300 millimeters. This means the KMR QUANTEC can also handle very large and heavy components. Notwithstanding its high payload capacity, it can achieve a position accuracy of +/- 5 millimeters – regardless of the distance already travelled. Thanks to the KUKA omnidirectional wheel technology, it is able to maneuver safely to the desired position even in the tightest of spaces. The size and payload of the platform can be selected to meet the individual requirements.

Adaptable and variable

The mobile platform and the robot of the KR QUANTEC series can be customized according to your specific needs. Various tools, equipment and grippers can also be added or exchanged as desired.

Components: the modules of the KMR QUANTEC

The KMR QUANTEC is one of many variants available from KUKA. It consists of three individual components: