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Robotic Machine Tending Cells for CNC Automation 

KUKA's System Partner Waybo has developed a series of pre-engineered machine tending cells featuring KUKA Robots that are ideal for automating high-mix low-volume manufacturing. 

Flexible and compact Waybo robotic cells are the ideal solution for small and medium machine shops

These compact cells are easy to install, can be moved from one machine tool to another, and are easy to set up for the next batch of products. Because they can run autonomously for many hours (and easily cover the night shift), they have a quick return on investment. The two models currently available - PartNR and CyberDrawers - can load and unload any new or existing CNC lathe or milling machine. But the robot can also perform additional tasks, such as marking, inspection, washing, etc.

Waybo's PartNR cell in action: front loading a machine and feeding blanks on a conveyor

The KUKA KR AGILUS robot picks a blank from the infeed conveyor, uses a squaring fixture to precisely regrip the blank, and waits for the machine to finish the cycle. When the autodoor opens, the robot unloads the finished part, cleans the fixture and loads the new blank. The finished part is placed on the accumulation conveyor. 

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A reliable partner for automating machine tools

The PartNR machine tending cell combines the high speed and compact design of the KR AGILUS with a variety of feeding mechanisms. It is ideal for workshops with a small production volume but a wide variety of parts to manufacture.


Waybo PartNR Cell

Compact and portable

Easy to move from one machine to another

Multiple feeding options

Conveyor, Angle feeder, Carousel, Grid

Fast and easy to set up

Ideal for low volume, high part mix manufacturing

Ideal for small parts

Can feed parts up to 10 kg

Drawer-based machine tender

The CyberDrawers turnkey machine loading system combines the higher payload and reach of the KR CYBERTECH with the high capacity and flexibility of the drawers feeding system. It is ideal for automating lathes and the easy to use interface eliminates the need for programming.

Waybo CyberDrawers Cell

Continuous Operation

Drawers move in both directions for simultaneous operator and robot access

High capacity

Autonomous operation that can easily cover the night shift

Easy to use

Wizard makes system set up quick and simple

Ideal for small to medium parts

Can feed parts up to 20 kg

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