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KUKA "More than Robots". End Customer event 13/10

We want to meet in person again, and we are so much hoping for a day together with you here at our techcenter in Gothenburg in October, and let´s hope that this will be a day to remember. We will present and demonstrate new products and soloutions exclusively to you.

- "More than robots". A successful automation project is so much more than just installing and programming a robot, and this is where you really can benefit from KUKA. Besides our worldclass robots, KUKA also contributes with extensive application knowledge, a well established network of partners, tools for simulation and virtual commissioning of the complete automation line and ready-to-run production cells
The new Automated mobile robot_KMP 600-S diffDrive.
With intelligence into the future, leading a new era of smart logistics. With the advancement of Industry 4.0, the constraints of logistics on manufacturing have become increasingly prominent. KUKA’s newly designed mobile robot KMP 600-S diffDrive, characterized by intelligence, high efficiency, safety, and reliability for logistics automation.
KMP 600 -S diffDrive, automated mobile robot
To invest in automation and robotics is far more than installing equipment in your facility. Once your automation equipment is up and running, it has a certain footprint that has an effect on your operation costs on your environmental footprint. This is another area where KUKA is focusing – Cost of Ownership – and by that we mean both the financial and the environmental aspect. Besides the fact that KUKA robots are used for modern battery production, KUKA works hard and continuously to minimize energy consumption, not only during production of our products, but also during the complete lifecycle of our products.
KUKA minimize energy consumption


Time Topic Speaker
09.30 10.00
Registration and Coffee Q&A
10.00-10.30 Introduction and welcome_More than Robots Kim Reeslev, Joacim Lorentsson                      
10.30-11.00 KUKA.Sim 4.0 Solution by Outotec Henrik Jönsson, Lars Cardemar
11.00-11.15 Coffee Break
11.15-11.35                A new generation of products, controllers. Talk about TCO and CO2                                     Conny Pettersson, Peter Ljungberg
11.40-12.00  Workshop 1
12.00-12.45   Lunch Break
12.45-13.10 Future trends in robotics Kim Reeslev, Kimmo Kymäläinen 
13.10-13.20  Workshop 2
13.20-13.40 Workshop 3   
13.40-14.00 Binpicking  Elin Hybert, Micael Amandusson
14.00-14.30 my.kuka and Customer Service  Emanuel Hauptmann, Christoffer Lindblad
14.30-14.50 Sum up Kim Reeslev, Micael Amandusson
14.50- Coffee to go and your questions  
To use a digital twin is in the media today described as the silver bullet when it comes to optimizing production and saving money. As the concept of the digital twin can cover some areas of applications, it can easily grow into something larger and more complex than intended. We at KUKA claims that the digital twin is neither a product nor very expensive or complicated. Instead the digital twin is a method to be employed by both supplier and customer as a standard project method,  which automatically improves the outcome and result of the project – with no or very little extra costs.
KUKA.Sim 4.0 and digital twin 

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Carola Andersson or Micael Amandusson

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