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Efficient and flexible manufacturing process with KUKA’s new mobile platform KMP 1500

KUKA is at the forefront of mobile product development directed towards facilitating the manufacturing processes of industrial customers. First came KUKA’s mobile transport platform omniMOVE designed for powerful and precise handling of heavy loads - and now the launch of the autonomous platform KUKA Mobile Platform 1500.

29 June 2017

“The new mobile platform KMP 1500 is our answer to the increased demands made by the manufacturing industry on shorter response times and greater flexibility in the manufacturing process. It permits flexibility in production that was previously inconceivable,” says KUKA Nordic’s CEO Jonas Glimdén.

KMP 1500 is a platform that is easily integrated into production and manages logistics between the various process stages.

“There is no place for the rigid solutions of the past with preprogrammed routes in today’s manufacturing industry. To meet the increased demands of shorter response times and greater flexibility, KUKA develops intelligent, autonomous vehicles that supply production cells with materials and tools.”

KUKAs KMP 1500, omnidirectional mobile robot platforms

The new mobile platform optimizes logistics management by providing a cost effective solution to collect and leave stock or between manufacturing processes. The platform creates the conditions for modern production concepts through the free pattern of movements and the possibility to allocate tasks via fleet management.

Thanks to the KUKA omniMOVE drive system, KMP 1500 can also move from standstill in all directions, which saves space and provides extremely precise automated logistics solutions. And with a carrying load of up to 1500 kg, it is strong and moves products and tools through the whole manufacturing process in a secure manner.

“Although we have only just launched the product we have already had a large number of enquiries from our customers, it is obvious this is a type of solution that many have been waiting for,” concludes Jonas Glimdén.