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Having fun learning how to program robots using a building block robot in desktop format

Looks like a toy but works like the real thing: OrangeApps GmbH recently began making robots out of system blocks. They may be smaller than their big orange brothers, but they perform like real 6-axis robots. Just the right thing for school and university students to practice with.

17 June 2020

Whether for school, university, vocational training or even in your own home: the new Education Robot System from OrangeApps is ideal for finding out about 6-axis robots and how to operate them entirely outside an industrial environment. The miniature robot consists of 1,010 plastic system blocks, motors and sensors, and with the appropriate software can be moved and programmed in exactly the same way as real robots from KUKA, such as a KR QUANTEC or KR IONTEC.

Education Robots help budding programmers

For KUKA and other industrial customers, OrangeApps develops individual software solutions for robot systems – normally for those used in industrial applications. The software for programming the Education Robot consists of KUKA.OfficeLite plus an app from OrangeApps. Good to know: KUKA offers special Education licenses for schools and universities. With the training robot, OrangeApps wants to offer budding programmers and robot operators an insight into the mechanical design and electronics of a 6-axis robot. 
Looks like the real thing: the do-it-yourself robot from OrangeApps

Robot made from system blocks is primarily intended for educational purposes

The desktop-format robots are available in three variants in limited quantities: Kit 1 contains the software, cables, assembly instructions and a list of the necessary technical building blocks from the supplier of the system blocks. Anyone who already has these building blocks at home can therefore get started with the kit straight away. Kit 2 comprises the complete package of all necessary parts and software. Kit 3 is suitable for all those who don’t have the patience, desire or time to build the robot themselves: here, the robot is delivered fully assembled, including software.
The DIY robot is quick to build using the assembly instructions

No prior knowledge is needed to build the robot

Managing Director Daniel Schmidt from OrangeApps, the inventor of the Education Robot System, asserts that “with a little skill, youngsters from the age of 13 or 14 will be able to build the robot in four to five hours.”And in doing so, they effortlessly learn a lot about kinematics, transmissions, motors and other mechatronic components.
The miniature robot consists of 1,010 plastic system blocks, motors and sensors.

With the appropriate app, the Education Robot System can be programmed and controlled like a real robot from KUKA.

Daniel Schmidt, Managing Director of OrangeApps