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"A fruitful collaboration"- Norwegian Canpro becomes system partner for KUKA

The Norwegian automation company Canpro has entered into a closer collaboration with KUKA. In mid-January, they are now one of KUKA Nordic's system partners.

22 February 2021

- Canpro is a long frame technically, we have worked with them for many years and I am very happy that we now have an even closer collaboration, says Frode Grimsbø, sales manager at KUKA Nordic Norway. It is in Western Norway, Canpro is located a few kilometers south of Bergen city center. A company that specializes in automation solutions that they deliver and install at their customers. - The company has existed since 2011 and is now growing, says Frode Grimsbø. According to him, during these years they have built up a good reputation with the help of secure deliveries and good technical knowledge. - Everything they do is done with a focus on safety and increased efficiency, which ultimately means better competitiveness for customers. Canpro was started by Svein Håhjem and the engineering company Controlteam AS, specializing in electronic control systems and automation. In addition to being the main owner, Controlteam is also Canpro's main partner. When they now become part of KUKA's network of system partners, it is a win-win situation, says Frode Grimsbø.
Svein Håhjem, Senior Solution Architect,  Canpro AS
Among other things, Canpro will have the opportunity to participate in KUKA's system partner days where suppliers and customers meet on a regular basis to learn more and exchange knowledge. Canpro also comes into direct contact with KUKA's product specialists and experts. For KUKA's part, the collaboration means developing the relationship with a skilled player who is close to the end customers. Canpro has had stable growth in recent years. According to CEO and co-owner Endre Naess, they have a stated goal of continuing to grow and thus help keep the manufacturing industry in Western Norway alive. - Now we face some exciting and innovative challenges. To succeed with them, we need suppliers who maintain high quality, says Endre Naess. Is KUKA such a supplier? - Yes, but not only that. In addition to the products, they can also assist with expertise. I see this as a very fruitful collaboration.

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