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KUKA's extraordinarily green year

KUKA Nordic has recorded 2020 with great pleasure as the year when production of electric drive systems for vehicles, ships and other machines really took off in the Nordic area.

3 February 2021

KUKA Nordic has supplied solutions and products for end customers and system partners alike, where the focus of the deliveries has been on industry and society going green.
Among these projects we can include two of the world's largest battery factories that specialise in the marine sector producing battery systems for the propulsion of ships. They are located in Trondheim and Bergen. A Nordic company ordered robots that will be used to assemble units for the production of hydrogen. Hydrogen will play a major role in the switch to electricity, and, among other things, allows heavy vehicles to be electrified. In Sweden, the company received an order for robots for friction stir welding (FSW) from a major truck manufacturer. Electrification is also the focus there – the robots will be used to join batteries. "We are supplying robots for two battery factories to a client in Finland", says Joacim Lorentsson, CEO Cluster Nordic & Russia.
Joacim Lorentsson, CEO Cluster Nordic & Russia
"In addition, we supplied laser and handling robots to a Swedish battery laboratory. Together, we see this as a result of our investment in research and development of new technologies and manufacturing methods. This means that we can offer both partners and end customers products and solutions that are at the cutting edge for production components for electric drive systems such as batteries, fuel cells and electrical drive systems.
Together with our partners we look confidently to the coming year and the continued switch to green energy that is underway within industry and the transport sector.
Being part of and contributing to the switch to green energy is an extra bonus in our work, and right now it looks like we will be seeing more and more of it."