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Maximised for accuracy and demanding environments

KUKA's upgraded KR CYBERTECH nano-series sets a new standard. KUKA's upgraded generation of KR CYBERTECH nano has now been launched.

25 March 2021

 A series of robots specialised for areas of use that place especially large demands on accuracy, availability and end results. Examples of such areas of use include arc welding, adhesive application, sealing and inspection to name but a few. "We are extremely happy with how they perform. The robots give maximum performance at a very good overall cost of ownership", says Kimmo Kymäläinen from KUKA Nordic. According to Kimmo Kymäläinen, KUKA's country manager in Finland, the new series sets a new standard for robots in this size class – for payloads of six to ten kilos. "They are more accurate than their predecessors, at the same time as being more flexible and faster", he says.

Repetition accuracy is also first class, with a deviation of just 0.04 millimetres. In addition, they are energy-efficient, and because they require minimal space, they are suitable for compact cells with complex process chains. Other advantages are that the robots in the series combine a long service life with low maintenance requirements. "They provide a very favourable overall cost of ownership", says Kimmo Kymäläinen. shafts are completely maintenance-free and spare parts will be available for at least a quarter of a century.  
KR CYBERTECH nano ARC with its hollow wrist has a bushing of 50 millimetres, which fits the welding gun and reduces shaft movement to a minimum. It also has a smart soluti-on for cables, where necessary cabling is integrated into the design and separated from cabling used for other applications with which they will interact. 
"Integrating them into the production environment is thus easy and flexible". "In short, they are very versatile, durable and useful robots, which have all the very latest tech-nological developments. We are delighted to be able to offer this to our customers", says Kimmo Kymäläinen.